Shot: A Rifle’s True Tales of Prairie Farm by Willard Jackson

Shot: A Rifle’s True Tales of a Prairie Farm by Willard Jackson
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Overview: Shot, a long-barrel, single-shot rifle, shares stories of intrigue, repose, and character-all as they occurred on Rudy’s farm on the North Dakota prairie. Rudy, himself an endearing soul, returns home from World War II with an artificial limb to operate a vibrant, diversified farm where even routine life is replete with adventures. Picture sheep escaping a burning building, ravaging hogs being loaded for butcher, bulls charging man and vehicles, and horses racing wide-eyed down a country lane.

Picture also adventures from wild animals, prairie fires, brutal winters, and marauding dogs. Add in colorful hired men, unforgiving firearms, an even an Indian fight. Shot’s adventures arise from challenges on the farm. Rudy faces them with persistence, compassion, and creativity. His eldest son, Tommy, while dumfounded by Rudy’s resilience, has a variety of his own exploits. Both are consumed by the farm work while at the same time absorbed in perpetual drama, some of which is severe and debilitating. Only with a deep faith in God are they able to thrive. Altogether, Rudy’s farm pops like a television series, with episode after episode. Shot tells his tales-truth is stranger than fiction-with aplomb. He brings you in to feel present and engaged. You’ll enjoy Shot. You’ll never forget his farm.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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