Skillshare Photoshop Light Effects Bundle

Duration 1h 20m MP4
Title: Skillshare Photoshop Light Effects Bundle
Learn how to make your images striking and how to apply the trendy Lens Flare effect in a skillful way. I will cover quickly what you need to know to make your images believable. To complete the vintage treatment we will add easy color correction.
Welcome to the 2nd class of the R20;Photoshop Light Effects" series. With the series you will learn how to add style to your photos with subtle but impressive sunlight effects.
In this class we will work with a contemplative portrait taken very early in the morning we will focus on creating the Golden Hour Effect in Photoshop with color correction techniques, soft gradient adjustments and more.
In this class you will learn how to style your photos with the trendy Retro Light Leak effect.
We will create light leaks from scratch in Photoshop with the Gradient Tool & maintain non-destructive workflow. Fun and easy!
Top it off with vintage Color Correction and Matt Finish and achieve beautiful soft and cinematic timeless look.

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