Slav Outposts In Central European History: The …

Slav Outposts In Central European History: The Wends, Sorbs And Kashubs

While many bring to mind European historical past relating to the most important states that these days make up the map of Europe, this way has a tendency to forget submerged international locations just like the Wends, the westernmost Slavs who as soon as inhabited the lands which later was East Germany and Western Poland. This guide examines the decline and sluggish erosion of the Wends from the time after they occupied the entire land between the River Elbe and the River Vistula round 800 AD to the current, the place they nonetheless live to tell the tale in tiny enclaves south of Berlin (the Wends and Sorbs) and west of Danzig (the Kashubs). Slav Outposts in Central European History – which additionally contains a lot of photographs and maps – places the tale of the Wends, the Sorbs and the Kashubs in a much wider European context with a purpose to additional sophisticate our working out of ways ethnic teams, societies, confessions and states have flourished or floundered within the area. It is the most important guide for all scholars and students of central European historical past and the historical past of European peoples and states extra most often.

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