Sliding Mode Control Using Novel Sliding Surfaces …

Sliding Mode Control Using Novel Sliding Surfaces (lecture Notes In Control And Information Sciences)

AfterasurveypaperbyUtkininthelate1970s,slidingmodecontrolmeth- ologies emerged as an e?ective tool to tackle uncertainty and disturbances which are inevitable in most of the practical systems. Sliding mode control is a particular class of variable structure control which was introduced by Emel’yanov and his colleagues. The design paradigms of sliding mode c- trol has now become a mature design technique for the design of robust c- troller of uncertain system. In sliding mode technique, the state trajectory of the system is constrained on a chosen manifold (or within some neighb- hood thereof) by an appropriatecontrolaction. This manifold is also called a switching surface or a sliding surface. During sliding mode, system dynamics is governed by the chosen manifold which results in a well celebrated inva- ance property towards certain classes of disturbance and model mismatches. The purpose of this monograph is to give a di?erent dimension to sl- ing surface design to achieve high performance of the system. Design of the switching surface is vital because the closed loop dynamics is governed by the parameters of the sliding surface. Therefore sliding surface should be – signed to meet the closed loop speci?cations. Many systems demand high performance with robustness. To address this issue of achieving high perf- mance with robustness, we propose nonlinear surfaces for di?erent classes of systems. The nonlinear surface is designed such that it changes the system’s closed-loop damping ratio from its initial low value to a ?nal high value