Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering by Milton Kanji

Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering by Milton Kanji, Manchao He, Luís Ribeiro e Sousa
Requirements: .PDF reader, 45 mb
Overview: This book offers a practical reference guide to soft rock mechanics for engineers and scientists. Written by recognized experts, it will benefit professionals, contractors, academics, researchers and students working on rock engineering projects in the fields of civil engineering, mining and construction engineering.

Soft Rock Mechanics and Engineering covers a specific subject of great relevance in Rock Mechanics – and one that is directly connected to the design of geotechnical structures under difficult ground conditions. The book addresses practical issues related to the geomechanical properties of these types of rock masses and their characterization, while also discussing advances regarding in situ investigation, safety, and monitoring of geotechnical structures in soft rocks. Lastly, it presents important case histories involving tunnelling, dam foundations, coal and open pit mines and landslides.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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