Software Architecture Conference 2019 – San Jose, California

Software Architecture Conference 2019 – San Jose, California
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We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference San Jose 2019 (SACON) gathered the world’s leading software architects and engineers to give presentations on software architecture’s most useful technologies, trends, and techniques. This video compilation gives you complete access to the best of SACON’s keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions. It contains hours of material to review and study at your own pace. Whether you are optimizing legacy systems or migrating to cloud native architecture, this compilation from SACON San Jose 2019 offers you the insights and training you need to get to the next level.

Highlights include:

Contains hours of video recordings from the best of SACON San Jose 2019’s keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions.
3.5 hour tutorials like Christian Hernandez’s (Red Hat) hands-on introduction to Kubernetes and OpenShift; Nathaniel Schutta’s (Pivotal) deep dive into trade-off analysis and how to use it to strategically choose the correct technology for your projects; and Valentina Rodriguez’s (Independent) reveal of the twelve essential principles of architecture design in Agile environments.
Keynotes from Rebecca Wirfs-Brock (Wirfs-Brock Associates), Michael Feathers (R7K Research and Conveyance), Adam Tornhill (Empear), Rebecca Parsons (ThoughtWorks), and Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks).
Application Architecture sessions, such as Stefania Stefansdottir’s (ThoughtWorks) walk through of the practices all new architects and tech leads should keep in mind when starting a new project; Ian Varley (Salesforce) on spotting and correcting the cognitive biases that undermine your software architecture; and Andrew Bonham and Thiagarajan Subramanian’s (Capital One) review of how to use reactive architecture and microservices, machine learning, H20, Akka, and Kafka.
Microservices sessions, including Kasun Indrasiri’s (WSO2) in-depth overview of common microservice resiliency patterns such as timeout, retry, circuit breaker, fail-fast, bulkhead, transactions, and more; Nathaniel Schutta (Pivotal) on the factors used to decide if something deserves to be a microservice or not; and Samir Behara (EBSCO) on building scalable microservice architectures with Envoy, Kubernetes, and Isti.
Enterprise Architecture sessions, including Heidi Waterhouse (Launch Darkly) on the smartest ways to achieve build-versus-buy decisions; Cat Swetel (Ticketmaster) on using value network mapping and real options theory to evolve monolithic software; and Paula Paul and Cassandra Shum’s (ThoughtWorks) look at the benefits of expressing architecture through code and driving development with fitness functions.
Cloud Native sessions, such as Nathaniel Schutta (Pivotal) on the top strategies to follow when moving heritage systems to the cloud; Simon Zeltser (Google) on distributed tracing and monitoring with OpenCensus; and Lena Hall (Microsoft) and Adron Hall (DataStax) on choosing a platform (Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, etc.) to manage a cloud system.
Fundamentals sessions, including Isobel Redelmeier (LightStep) on how to use observability to refactor old code and Wendy Knox Everette (Leviathan Security) on why security engineering shouldn’t just be a bolt-on to your application development process.
DevOps & Continuous Delivery sessions, such as Mandy Waite’s (Google) review of the research-based best practices that make DevOps teams more productive and Nick Tune’s (Empathy Software) look into the socio-technical mindset and the role it plays in boosting continuous delivery performance.
Multiple sessions on leadership, distributed systems, serverless, containers, containers orchestration, scale, chaos engineering, and more.'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part1.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part2.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part3.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part4.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part5.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part6.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose%2C_California.part7.rar'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part1.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part2.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part3.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part4.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part5.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part6.rar.html'Reilly_Software_Architecture_Conference_2019_-_San_Jose,_California.part7.rar.html

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