Sound Sleep : Relax for Deep Sleep – Audio CD and eBooks

For nights when thoughts keep churning, slip on your headphones and listen to Sound Sleep. Within minutes you’ll feel as if you are floating and then start to slowly swirl and drift. Soothing sound waves gently ease your brain wave activity out of the rapid rhythms of beta and into the depths of delta for a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep. Sound Sleep provides 60 minutes of soft, soothing music and relaxing delta waves to ease your mind into the deepest levels of sleep. Scientists have found that when the brain is generating large amounts of delta waves the pituitary gland triggers the release of a growth hormone associated with good health, regeneration, and healing.

About the Author
With over 60 bestselling audio programs published worldwide, Kelly Howell is internationally acclaimed for her pioneering work in healing and mind expansion. Her clinically proven Brain Wave Audio Technology is used in prestigious hospitals, biofeedback clinics, and by physicians and psychologists throughout the world.