Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans (The Flora…

Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans (The Flora Levy Humanities Series)
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
Date: 2005-09-22
ISBN-10: 1568985460
ISBN-13: 9781568985466
Language: English
Pages: 276
Added: 2014-11-20 04:00:02

Southern Comfort details the magnificent architecture and planning of the Garden District of New Orleans. Through the histories of the developers, owners, architects, laborers, and craftspeople who shaped this district, the book creates a picture of the uniquely cosmopolitan city in the American South. "This book is a valuable contribution to Southern history and to the history of both American architecture and American cities….Southern Comfort is a landmark piece of scholarship on the area." Anne Rice, New York Times Book Review
"There’s no part of New Orleans so steeped in architectural history as the Garden District. Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans tells the story in words and rich photos." Hemispheres
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