Soviet Strategic Bombers: The Hammer in the Hammer and the Sickle

Soviet Strategic Bombers: The Hammer in the Hammer and the Sickle Publisher: Fonthill Media
Date: 2018-06-25
ISBN-10: 1781555974
ISBN-13: 9781781555972
Language: English
Pages: 272
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The history of Soviet strategic bombers after the Second World War is a fascinating one: from the reverse-engineering of interned American Boeing B-29 bombers into the first Soviet strategic bomber, the Tu-4; to the huge jet and turboprop powered aircraft of today’s Russian Air Force. This comprehensive history of these aircraft will deal not just with the development of aircraft that entered service, but of experimental aircraft as well, and projects that were never even built will also be explored. The service life of these bombers will be covered, including both active and retired aircraft, and their use outside of the Soviet Union, in places such as the Middle East and Afghanistan, will be described in detail. The Soviet Union built some of the first jet-powered strategic bombers, and the Tu-95 Bear, the only swept-winged turboprop bomber to ever enter service, remains in service to this day. Less successful aircraft, like the graceful but problem-plagued supersonic Tu-22 Blinder, and the Mach 3 Sukhoi T-4 will also be examined. Show more Show less a23c0973c783fff7df5bd0f4c4e9d2ec Size: (15.30 MB) File name: Soviet.Strategic.Bombers.The.H.Jason.Nicholas.Moore.epub File size: 15.30 MB