Sparta and its Law by Eduardo Velasco

Sparta and its Law by Eduardo Velasco
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Overview: Sparta was the first massive reaction against the inevitable decline brought about by the comfort of civilization, and as such, there is much to learn from it in this age of biological and moral degradation induced by a techno-industrial society. The Spartans really broke away from all vices produced by civilization, and so placed themselves at the top of the pyramid of power in their region. All current elite military traditions are somewhat heirs of what took place in Sparta, and this signals the survival of the Spartan mission.

Today our indoctrinating academics vaguely teach that Sparta was a militaristic and brutal state completely turned to power, whose system of education and training was very hard. We are introduced to the Spartans roughly as efficient soldiers, crude and mindless, which “were only interested in war.” This is a deliberately distorted reflection of what they really were, and it is mainly because we have been taught by some decadent Athenians, spiced with the bad faith of those who currently manage the information, who seek to distort history to serve economic and other types of interests.
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