Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers (Handbook)

Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers (Handbook)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
Date: 2003-12-29
ISBN-10: 0071364730
ISBN-13: 9780071364737
Language: English
Pages: 1600
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A revision of the classic reference covering all important principles and techniques needed by practicing civil engineers. The 5th Edition incorporates changes in design and construction practices, especially in design specifications for construction materials, buildings and bridges, safety and health concerns, and the most current codes changes including ACI, AISC, ASTM, NDS for wood structures, etc. The Handbook covers systems design, community and regional planning, the latest design methods for buildings, airports, highways, tunnels and bridges. It includes sections on construction equipment, construction management, materials, specifications, structural theory, geotechnical engineering, wood, concrete, steel design and construction. (20040601) Show more Show less 7a7c3a896d0dd4403984634b8212a3fc] Size: (3.40 MB) [/code]10cd487962b56c7172a9916d8b7e76d0 [/code]File name: 36099.Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers.pdf File size: 3.40 MB