Step By Step Mastering JavaScript

Step By Step Mastering JavaScrip

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Step By Step Mastering JavaScript is the course for absolute beginners who want to learn Coding with JavaScript. In this course i am teaching how to do programming with JavaScript and also getting ready for upcoming Advance JavaScript concept. My goal with this course is to give you the best of JavaScript programming knowledge in a Step By Step manner so that a non computer science background student should also get the career scope in web development.

You will learn following topics in this course

Step By Step Mastering JavaScript
01-How To Include JavaScript To WebPage
02-Lets Understand Borwser Console
03-All about Variables – Constants – Comments
04-DataTypes In JavaScript
05-String DataType In JavaScript
06-Number Datatype in JavaScript
07-Template Strings
09-Null And Undefined
10-Boolean And Comparisons
11-Loose Vs Strict Comparison
13 Control Flow Introduction
14-For Loops
15 While Loop
16-Do While Loop
17-If Block
18-Else And Else If
19-Logical Operators
20-Logical Not Operator
21-Break And Continue
22-Switch Statement
23-Understanding Functions
24 Function Declaration Vs Function Expression
25 Argument and Parameters
26 Returning Values
27 Arrow Function
28 Callback Functions
29 Function Vs Method
30 ForEach Method
31 JavaScript Objects
32 Creating An Object Literal
33 Adding Methods To Object Literal
34 This Keyword
35 Math Object
36 Primitive Types Vs Reference Types
37 Document Object Model
39-Get Element By ID-CLASS-TAG
40-Adding Modifying Page Content
41-Get And Set Attributes
42-Get And Set Style
43-Add And Remove Class
44-Node Relationship
48-Filter Method
49-Map Method
50-Reduce Method
51-Find Method
52-Sort Method
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