Stocks Option Trading by Jim Livermore

Stocks Option Trading by Jim Livermore
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Overview: Are you looking to get into the stock market, and direct your own investments rather than relying on a 401k, mutual funds, or overpriced financial advisors? That can be a daunting prospect for the newbie, but in this book, we are going to hold you by the hand and explain the many different ways that you can invest and trade in the stock markets and make the kind of money that you need in order to profit from the stock market.

We will begin by considering employee stock options. Have you failed to exercise employee stock options or even turn them down? Many people would rather have cash in the form of a higher salary, but they fail to understand the unprecedented opportunity that employee stock options at a good company can provide. With employee stock options, if you understand what they are all about and how to use them – at the right moment – you can earn large profits in the process. If a company that you are working for goes public, you can even become an instant millionaire. Find out the secrets to making the most out of employee stock options.
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