Strategic Management For Nonprofit Organizations: Theory And …

Strategic Management For Nonprofit Organizations: Theory And Cases

Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations applies powerful concepts of strategic management developed originally in the for-profit sector to the management of nonprofits. It describes the preparation of a strategic plan consistent with the resources available, analyzes the operational tasks in executing the plan, and describes the ways in which nonprofits need to change in order to remain competitive. Drawing on literature in the fields of economics, management, accounting, and organizational theory, Sharon Oster explores a wide range of topics including a discussion of the role and mission of the nonprofit – from fund-raising to accounting and from evaluation to the treatment of volunteers and the board of directors. Examples are taken from all parts of the nonprofit arena including the arts, health care, education, social services, foundations, and economic development. This is the first book to bring modern strategic management concepts to the problems of managing nonprofit organizations. It draws clear distinctions between the different industries and offers practical solutions to the challenges confronting managers of nonprofits.

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