Strictly Legal: Things you absolutely need to know about Canadian law

Strictly Legal: Things you absolutely need to know about Canadian law
Publisher: Idiomatic
Date: 2009-01-06
ISBN-10: 1897178387
ISBN-13: 9781897178386
Language: English
Pages: 272
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When Canadians have legal problems, they need useful and understandable legal information – not legal mumbo-jumbo or weaselly fine print. We are living in a society that is becoming increasingly complicated. While trying to raise families, buy homes and keep our jobs, we are "bumping into each other" more and more. In this book, lawyer Michael Cochrane provides straight answers to common legal questions he encounters each week on his TV program, Strictly Legal: – Our office lottery pool is in an argument – now that we’ve finally won. – I invented something on the job, but the boss says it is his. – I have been fired because my boss disapproves of my lifestyle after hours. – Should I incorporate my business or stay a sole proprietorship? – The house we made an offer on used to be a marijuana grow op. – I am getting separated. – What do I need to do? – I need a Living Will – is that different from a Power of Attorney? – I am stuck repaying a large payday loan. Is that legal? – Should I represent myself in a court case? – I have a criminal record and it is keeping me from getting a job. – My dog bit the neighbour’s child. What should I do? These are the kinds of questions people ask on Strictly Legal, and in this book, Michael Cochrane provides no-nonsense, understandable answers to Canadians’ typical legal problems. Strictly Legal is full of practical tips and entertaining examples that illustrate various aspects of Canadian law. This is a quick, honest and fun guide to what you need to know about Canadian law. Show more Show less a61dfc531e956f57a74ed3e542b367ec

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