Suddenly Single [audiobook]

Suddenly Single [Audiobook] by Kathey Batey
English | April 12th, 2018 | ASIN: B07C27CG21 | [email protected] kbps | 6 hrs 33 mins | 180.74 MB
Narrator: Kathey Batey

This compassionate guide through grief, fears, and the challenges of divorce encourages listeners to see this painful time as potentially one of the most powerful.

Kathey Batey understands the trauma of going through a divorce. In Suddenly Single, she guides listeners who have experienced divorce in how to:

• Grieve the past and learn God has a future for them;
• Develop a network of experts for legal, financial, spiritual, and emotional needs;
• Navigate parenting decisions;
• Give structure and protection in fragmented relationships; and
• Embrace God’s comfort in the midst of deep pain.

Divorce is not the end of the story. Suddenly Single comes alongside listeners to help them move forward into life a full of possibility.

Download the accompanying reference guide:

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