Sushi Slim

Sushi Slim
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
Date: 2013-04-11
ISBN-10: 1849491755
ISBN-13: 9781849491754
Language: English
Pages: N/A
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A feast of sushi, soups, and salads that satisfy and slim!
Research shows that the Japanese diet is one of the healthiest in the world. It’s balanced, slimming, and packed with superfoods and protein. Even better for Americans: Just one Japanese meal a day makes a difference. Sushi and the other Japanese recipes included in the book are light, fun, supremely tasty, and extraordinarily healthy. All use traditional ingredients such as miso, wasabi, fish, seaweed, and tea, as well as author Makiko Sanu’s “diamond” ingredients: Ginger is used for overall health; nori, for healthy hair; sesame seeds, for a youthful body; and vinegar, for its fat-busting properties. Foolproof directions and gorgeous, inspiring photography make losing weight and staying healthy simple. Show more Show less 5349b5b8e3102ad7efe931bcdd5db4c1 Size: (39.40 MB) File name: Sushi.Slim.epub File size: 39.40 MB 7f209749c01e364172173cd67a9e8138 Size: (39.42 MB) File name: Sushi Slim Eat Yourself to Health the Japanese Way.epub File size: 39.42 MB