Sustainability And The Occupant: The Effects Of …

Sustainability And The Occupant: The Effects Of Mindfulness And Environmental Attitudes On Real Estate User Behaviors (essays In Real Estate Research)

Occupant behaviors can more than offset technological efficiency gains so that research must go beyond sustainable buildings. Nicolas J. Seyler addresses numerous recent calls for research regarding the drivers of environmental real estate user behaviors (EREUB). In particular, the work investigates the effects of environmental attitudes and mindfulness on EREUB in two different contexts, namely at home and at the office. The contributions are twofold. First, the author develops and validates a novel measurement scale for EREUB. Secondly and most importantly, the empirical studies are the first to apply the concept of mindfulness solely in real estate research. By employing partial least squares structural equation modeling it is shown that mindfulness is a determining factor of occupant behaviors besides environmental attitudes. About the Author: Nicolas J. Seyler has been research assistant and doctoral candidate at the Real Estate Management Institute (REMI) of EBS Universitt fr Wirtschaft und Recht. His research focused on sustainability and real estate user behaviors. Currently, he is working at a leading real estate constancy firm and is specialized in strategic as well as transaction advisory projects.