3D Artist – Issue 129, April 2019

3D Artist – Issue 129, April 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 45 mb
Overview: From expert tutorials covering the whole pipeline to incredible industry-led features on the likes of Pixar and Blur Studio, 3D Artist is the ultimate monthly magazine for 3D students, enthusiasts and professionals.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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World Traveller – Issue 129, January 2019

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Hs 129 In Combat Sch.g1 & Sch.g2

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A 129 Mangusta Italian Attack Helicopter

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Starlog – 1988, n. 129

Starlog – 1988, n. 129

October 2, 2018

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AudioTechnology – Issue 129, 2018-P2P

The magazine for sound engineers and recording musicians.
If you’re serious about audio then AudioTechnology is your magazine: whether it be the inside story behind the world’s great albums or the best-sounding concert productions, videogame sound, software tips, reviews of the latest gear, opinion and news – AudioTechnology has you covered.