Childhood at Court, 1819-1914

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The Notebooks 1819-1826, Volume 4 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Notebooks 1819-1826, Volume 4 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Overview: During his adult life until his death in 1834, Coleridge made entries in more than sixty notebooks. Neither commonplace books nor diaries, but something of both, they contain notes on literary, theological, philosophical, scientific, social, and psychological matters, plans for and fragments of works, and many other items of great interest. This fourth double volume of the Notebooks covers the years 1819 to 1826. The range of Coleridge’s reading, his endless questioning, and his recondite sources continue to fascinate the reader. Included here are drafts and full versions of the later poems. Many passages reflect the theological interests that led to Coleridge’s writing of Aids to Reflection, later to become an important source for the transcendentalists.

Another development in this volume is the startling expansion of Coleridge’s interest in ‘the theory of life’ and in chemistry – the laboratory chemistry of the Royal Institute and the theoretical chemistry of German transcendentalists such as Oken, Steffens, and Oersted.
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The Panic of 1819 by Andrew H. Browning

The Panic of 1819: The First Great Depression by Andrew H. Browning
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Overview: The Panic of 1819 tells the story of the first nationwide economic collapse to strike the United States. Much more than a banking crisis or real estate bubble, the Panic was the culmination of an economic wave that rolled through the United States, forming before the War of 1812, cresting with the land and cotton boom of 1818, and crashing just as the nation confronted the crisis over slavery in Missouri. The Panic introduced Americans to the new phenomenon of boom and bust, changed the country’s attitudes towards wealth and poverty, spurred the political movement that became Jacksonian Democracy, and helped create the sectional divide that would lead to the Civil War. Although it stands as one of the turning points of American history, few Americans today have heard of the Panic of 1819, yet we continue to ignore its lessons-and repeat its mistakes.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Panic Of 1819: Reactions And Policies …

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