Cause: Reconstruction America, 1863-1877

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1877 by Michael A. Bellesiles

1877: America’s Year of Living Violently by Michael A. Bellesiles
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Overview: 1877 was the year many Americans wanted to forget. In the messy aftermath of the Civil War, economic depression, white supremacy, labor unrest, and a factionalized political system produced a period of unprecedented violence and upheaval in American life. This "solid, deeply informed history" (Publishers Weekly) brilliantly recaptures this tumultuous time, revealing that the fires of that pivotal year also fueled a hothouse of cultural and intellectual innovation. Best of all, historian Michael A. Bellesiles tells the story of 1877 not just through dramatic events, but also through the lives of famous and little-known Americans alike: Mark Twain, Crazy Horse, Susan B. Anthony; the detective Allan Pinkerton and President Rutherford B.Hayes; the black poet Albery Allson Whitman and the pioneer in women’s health issues Mary Putman Jacobi; Ida B. Wells; and Billy the kid. 1877’s account of America at the dawn of its modern era will forever alter our understanding of the forces that shape our politics, our culture, and our national identity.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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War in the East: A Military History 1877-78 by Quintin Barry

Battle within the East: A Navy Historical past of the Russo-Turkish Battle 1877-78 by Quintin Barry
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Overview: When Russia declared warfare on the Ottoman Empire in April 1877, it was the fifth time in the course of the nineteenth century that hostilities had damaged out between the 2 empires. On this event the opposite Nice Powers had executed all they may to stop it, though public opinion within the West had been shocked by Turkey’s brutal repression of the Bulgarian rebellion. The warfare was to be fought in two distinct theatres. In Europe, as on earlier events, the Russian goal was to cross first the Danube after which the formidable Balkan Mountains earlier than hanging for Constantinople. In Asia, over territory additionally contested many instances earlier than, the Russians aimed to grab Kars after which Erzerum.
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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