History of the Americas 1880-1981 by Alexis Mamaux+

History of the Americas 1880-1981: IB History Course Book by Alexis Mamaux, David Smith, Mark Rogers, Matt Borgmann, Shannon Leggett, Yvonne Berlinner
Requirements: .PDF reader, 36.5 Mb
Overview: Drive critical, engaged, high level learning and skills. Developed with the IB, this Course Book equips learners to analyze and articulate complex historical concepts and contexts, strengthening performance and potential. Enabling advanced understanding, the student-centred approach actively builds, refines and perfects higher level skills.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Cruisers: An Illustrated History, 1880-1980

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Working Americans, 1880-1999

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Weltstadtvergnugen: Berlin 1880-1930

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