Battleground General: El Alamein 1942 by Alistair Smith

Battleground General: El Alamein 1942 by Alistair Smith
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 8.1 Mb
Overview: The Battlefield General game books put you in command of the forces engaged in some of history’s most famous battles. Your ability to make the right tactical decision will be tested at every turn of the page. The 2nd Battle of El Alamein in October 1942 was one of the crucial turning points of WWII. Here Lieutenant General Bernard Montgomery (‘Monty’) and the British Eighth Army (the famous ‘Desert Rats’) halted the victorious advance of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox) and his Afrika Korps. Britain’s vital interests in the Middle East, particularly the vital oil fields, were thus saved. The book presents the reader with a series of command decisions, aided by situation maps, directing you to the next relevant briefing depending on the option you choose. No dice are necessary to play, just this book and your tactical skill. When you buy this book, the fate of nations is in your hands.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Fall of the Philippines 1941-1942 by means of Donald J. Young

The Fall of the Philippines: The Desperate Struggle Against the Japanese Invasion, 1941-1942 1st Edition by means of Donald J. Young
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.eight MB
Overview: World War II started for the United States with the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941, adopted by means of the invasion of the Philippine Islands the next day to come. Unlike the speedy seize of Hong Kong, Wake Island and Singapore, the struggle within the Philippines lasted for seven months ahead of the unprepared American and Filipino forces-cut off from provides and combating with out of date apparatus and with out air or naval support-were beaten.
Drawing on diaries and private accounts, this e-book chronicles forgotten movements within the fall of the Philippines throughout the memories of American servicemen. The creator covers the 90 day perseverance of Bataan’s tiny air pressure, the primary PT boat raid of the struggle, the remaining U.S. horse cavalry price in historical past, a lone U.S. submarine’s assault on a Japanese invasion fleet, the planned bombing of Bataan’s major box clinic by means of the Japanese, the tricky and uneasy give up of Bataan, Corregidor’s doomed resistance and the give up of the Southern Islands of the archipelago.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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V-1 Flying Bomb 1942-52 by Steven J. Zaloga

V-1 Flying Bomb 1942-52: Hitler’s infamous “doodlebug” (New Vanguard) by Steven J. Zaloga, Jim Laurier
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.8 MB
Overview: The first deployment of the V-1 was in June 1944 when, following two years of tests, Hitler gave the order to attack England. Known to the Allies as the "Buzz Bomb" or "Doodlebug", the V-1 was the world’s first cruise missile. This book explores the V-1 in detail, from its initial concept, first use in 1944, the various Allied counter-measures, and the later use of the V-1 during the Battle of the Bulge. The major foreign derivatives, including the US copy "JB-2 Loon" and numerous post-war Soviet variants, are also covered.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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All-in Fighting 1942

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Panther Medium Tank 1942-45 by Stephen A Hart

Panther Medium Tank 1942-45 (Osprey New Leading edge 67) by means of Stephen A Hart
Necessities: .PDF reader, 2.five MB
Evaluate: The Panzerkampfwagen V Panther is likely one of the best-known German tanks in lifestyles and is thought of as one of the most largest tanks of Global Warfare II. When in June of 1941, Germany invaded Russia, Panzertruppe encountered KV sequence and T-34/76 tanks, a ways awesome in firepower and armour coverage to any Panzer in provider on the time. It used to be subsequently determined to design a brand new extra tough medium tank, which might be temporarily put into manufacturing. This guide main points the outcome, the Medium Combat Tank, to be had for provider in January 1943. Later fashions ensured that it become one of the crucial feared tanks of WWII.
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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Tiger 1 Heavy Tank 1942 – 45 by Tom Jentz +

Tiger 1 Heavy Tank 1942 – 45 (New Leading edge) by means of Tom Jentz, Hilary Doyle, Peter Sarson
Necessities: .PDF reader, 41 MB
Evaluation: Some of the well-known tank of the Global Battle II, the Tiger I used to be firstly conceived in 1941 according to the German Military’s enjoy in preventing British tanks and anti-tank weapons in Western Europe and the North African wasteland. Following the invasion of Russia, the semblance of the Soviet T-34 and KW tanks lent an additional impetus to the programme. The Tiger’s energy and function at the battlefield is emphasized by means of tables of related efficiency during the e book, which obviously display the battlefield survivability of the Tiger and its superiority to many allied tank designs. This complete and very detailed textual content is accompanied by means of a wonderful number of black and white images appearing the tank in use.
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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All-In Fighting 1942

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North Africa and Italy: 1942-1944 by Will Fowler

North Africa and Italy: 1942-1944 by Will Fowler
Requirements: .PDF reader, 32.3 MB
Overview: NORTH AFRICA AND ITALY Will Fowler NORTH AFRICA AND ITALY 1942 – 1944 HBBi mmmmmm NORTH AFRICA CONTENTS EL ALAMEIN 6-27 The battle of El Alamein was the decisive 8th Army victory over the Afrika Korps that the British Prime Minister Churchill craved before the United States entered the war with landings in Morocco. Under General Bernard Montgomery the pursuit following the El Alamein victory was slow even though ULTRA intelligence showed the Afrika Korps was broken. Blitzkrieg: Fast armoured and mechanised warfare supported by bombers and ground attack aircraft. T H E SOFT UNDERBELLY 28-43 Churchill asserted that an attack on Fascist Italy would be an attack on the "soft underbelly" of the Italian/German Axis. What he and the British and American planners did not consider was that the Germans would move reinforcements rapidly down the peninsula. AEGEAN VICTORY 44-53 In 1943 the Italian-held islands off the Turkish coast were up for grabs. Churchill saw a chance to bring Turkey into the war on the side of the Allies and sent British troops to seize them. The Germans counter attacked and triumphed. T H E GUSTAV LINE 54-77 The German defence of Monte Cassino and the containment of the landings at Anzio was a triumph of defensive fighting that at Anzio was close to becoming a victory. Under Field Marshal Kesselring they held the Allies until June 1944. T H E ETERNAL CITY AND BEYOND 78-93 Rome fell on June 5, 1944 but the Allies had months of hard fighting ahead, as the Germans withdrew to new defensive lines. INDEX 95-96 EL ALAMEIN The German people, in company with myself are following your heroic defensive struggle in Egypt with devout trust in your personal leadership and the bravery of the German and Italian troops who serve you. In your present situation you can have no other thought than to hold out, refuse to yield a step, and commit to the battle every weapon and every soldier who can be released from other duties. Signal from Adolf Hitler to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel 13.30,
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The History of World War 2: 1942 by Michael Edward Donovan

The History of World War 2: 1942 by Michael Edward Donovan
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 3.7 MB
Overview: This is a very thorough (124,000 words) history of the events of World War II in the year 1942.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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No. 168 Squadron 1942-5 by Phil H. Listemann

No. 168 Squadron 1942-1945 by Phil H. Listemann
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 6.4MB
Overview: The purpose of this study is to provide aviation historians and enthusiasts with a range of information relative to each of the Commonwealth squadrons that saw combat during World War II. Each record will comprise a short history, complete with illustrations and artwork, and accompanied by the following appendices:

Appendix I: Squadron Commanders and Flight Commanders

Appendix II: Major awards

Appendix III: Operational diary (number of sorties per month)

Appendix IV: Victory list

Appendix V: Aircraft losses on operations

Appendix VI: Aircraft losses in accidents

Appendix VII: Aircraft Serial numbers matching with individual letters (including mission totals for multi-engine aircraft)

Appendix VIII: Nominal roll (Captains only for bomber and seaplane units)

Appendix IX: Roll of Honour
Genre: Non-fiction | History

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February 1942: Britain’s Darkest Days

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JG 5 ‘Eismeer’ 1942-1945

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JG 5 ‘Eismeer’ 1942-1945 free ebook download

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The Valentine In North Africa, 1942-43 (armour …

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