War and Nationalism in China: 1925-1945 by Hans J. van de Ven

War and Nationalism in China: 1925-1945 by Hans J. van de Ven
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Overview: In 1937, the Nationalists under Chiang Kaishek were leading the Chinese war effort against Japan and were lauded in the West for their efforts to transform China into an independent and modern nation; yet this image was quickly tarnished. The Nationalists were soon denounced as militarily incompetent, corrupt, and antidemocratic and Chiang Kaishek, the same.

In this book, van de Ven investigates the myths and truths of Nationalist resistance including issues such as:
the role of the US in East Asia during the Second World War the achievements of Chiang Kaishek as Nationalist leader the respective contributions of the Nationalists and the Communists to the defeat of Japan the consequences of the Europe First strategy for Asia.
War and Nationalism in China offers a major new interpretation of the Chinese Nationalists, placing their war of resistance against Japan in the context of their prolonged efforts to establish control over their own country and providing a critical reassessment of Allied Warfare in the region. This groundbreaking volume will interest students and researchers of Chinese History and Warfare.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Panzer IV at War 1939-1945 by Paul Thomas

Panzer IV at War 1939-1945 (Images of War) by Paul Thomas
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Overview: With comprehensive captions and text this superb book tells the story of the production of the Panzer IV to the key battles in Poland, France, North Africa, Italy, Russia and North West Europe. Initially the Panzer IV was designed as an infantry support tank, but soon proved to be so diverse and effective that it earned a unique tactical role on the battlefield. The book shows how the Panzer IV evolved and describes how the Germans carefully utilized all available reserves and resources into building numerous variants that went into production and saw action on the battlefield. It depicts how these formidable tanks were adapted and up-gunned to face the ever increasing enemy threat. Between 1936 and 1945, over 8,000 Panzer IV’s were built. For most of the war this tank was a match for its opponents’ heavy tanks and quickly and effectively demonstrated its superiority on the battlefield. The Panzer IV was the only German tank to remain in production during the war. Its chassis was converted into more models than any other Panzers that entered service. As well as the various prototype projects and command tanks, observation vehicles, ammunition carriers, recovery vehicles, amphibious armoured ferry vehicles that saw service, the book will show a multiple of converted anti-tank propelled vehicles.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt (.M4B)

Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945 by Tony Judt, Ralph Cosham (Narrator)
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 1.8gb
Overview: Almost a decade in the making, this much-anticipated grand history of postwar Europe from one of the world’s most esteemed historians and intellectuals is a singular achievement. Postwar is the first modern history that covers all of Europe, both east and west, drawing on research in six languages to sweep readers through thirty-four nations and sixty years of political and cultural change-all in one integrated, enthralling narrative. Both intellectually ambitious and compelling to read, thrilling in its scope and delightful in its small details, Postwar is a rare joy.

Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction History

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