Articulate 360 Interactive Learning

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Articulate 360 Advanced Actions

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360 Cherry Recipes by Jade Fox

360 Cherry Recipes: The Big Cherry Cookbook (cherry cookbook, cherry recipes, cherry, cherry recipe book, cherry cookbooks) by Jade Fox
Requirements: .PDF reader, 801 KB
Overview: In this big cherry cookbook you’ll find a great variety of 360 quick, easy and delicious cherry recipes that are perfectly suited to the home cook.
Please download a free sample of this book to view the first few recipes.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Fusion 360 Patch paintings area Surface design with 6 initiatives

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Fusion 360 3D Printed Product Enclosure

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Anatomy 360: Visual Guide to Human Body by Dr. Jamie Roebuck

Anatomy 360: The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Human Body by Dr. Jamie Roebuck
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 82.3 MB
Overview: With Anatomy 360, you’ll get a complete picture of every part of your body-from your head to your toes, inside and out, and from every angle.
Our bodies are a mystery to us. We see our arms and legs move, but may have no idea how the muscles beneath look as they contract. We know that our stomachs digest food and our hearts pump blood, but the images we have in our heads of these organs are often inaccurate or incomplete. Even seeing pictures of our internal systems and organs can be misleading if these pictures don’t offer a full, 360-degree view. This new flexibound edition of Anatomy 360 shows the human body in its entirety-from the skin to the muscles to the organs to the bones. This stunning book provides a unique perspective on our most crucial parts, showing how the structures of our bodies influence their functions. You’ll learn about the vagus nerve, which allows us to swallow, speak, and cough, and the frontalis muscle, which raises our eyebrows when we’re surprised. You’ll also learn why our noses run when we cry and why our brains are so important even though they weigh just one kilogram each. With Anatomy 360, you’ll finally get a complete look at the human body-even the parts you thought you’d never see!

The hardcover edition of Anatomy 360 won the Gold Award in Reference from ForeWord’s 2011 Book of the Year Awards
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational Anatomy Guide

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Learn Fusion 360 in 30 days for Complete Beginners! (Part 2)

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Fusion 360 for Makers: Design Your Own Digital Models for 3D…

Fusion 360 for Makers: Design Your Own Digital Models for 3D Printing and CNC Fabrication
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Soccer 360 – Issue 79, 2019

Soccer 360 – Difficulty 79, 2019
Necessities: .PDF reader, 28.6 mb
Overview: Filled with full throttle soccer leisure together with the total color photographs, star interviews, group and participant profiles, stats and a lot extra.
Style: Magazines & Newspapers

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360 Degree Feedback: A Transformational Approach

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Fusion 360 Revolve And Sweep

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Startup 360 – May 2017

Startup 360 – May 2017

November 20, 2018

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Startup 360 – December 2015

Startup 360 – December 2015

November 21, 2018

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Intelligent Investing: The 360° Strategic Road-Map

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