Millionaire Mom: $5K to $6.5MM … Investing by Terry Records

Millionaire Mom: $5K to $6.5MM Real Estate Investing (You Can, Too!) by Terry Records
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Overview: Financial freedom brings peace of mind, and no one knows that better than Terry Records who as a single mom turned a $5K inheritance into $6.5MM through real estate investing. She’s now taken what she’s learned and shared her life story and wealth-growing strategies in her first book.

"Millionaire Mom: $5K to $6.5MM Real Estate Investing (You Can, Too!)" is an easy-to-follow personal story of financial freedom "how to" that can be applied by anyone, and especially for women, even if you’re over 50 and trying to figure out how to retire.

Terry speaks from personal experience on how she started with nothing and with no real knowledge about real estate investing and through trial and error grew her bank account from $5K to $6.5MM in just about ten years. She believes that every one of us – especially women – should take control of our finances AND that we CAN with a little help from someone who’s been there and done it! Sharing her own lessons on growing financial resources and how she battled self-doubt and how she had to self-educate has become an inspirational tool for anyone wanting to build wealth in real estate and by investing wisely to grow income and live in abundance. Learning to care for herself, her family, and her finances has been key to building her real estate coaching business and helping others do the same.

Having built her reputation on truth, integrity and practicality, Terry’s authenticity shines throughout her book and carries through to her online DIY real estate investing courses. Terry’s mission is to empower others with the real estate investing tools and financial knowledge needed to grow wealth and gain financial freedom, no matter what budget one has to start with
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