American Legends: Abbott & Costello by Charles River Editors

American Legends: Abbott & Costello by Charles River Editors
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Overview: A lot of ink has been spilled covering the lives of history’s most influential figures, but how much of the forest is lost for the trees? In Charles River Editors’ American Legends series, readers can get caught up to speed on the lives of America’s most important men and women in the time it takes to finish a commute, while learning interesting facts long forgotten or never known.

Ironically, one of America’s most famous comedy duos, and the performers of the country’s most famous skit, came together in part because Lou Costello had already failed to cut it in the film industry. In fact, Costello had appeared in a Laurel & Hardy film in 1927 before meeting his partner, Bud Abbott, on the burlesque circuit in New York City. In fact, the two first performed together in 1935 only because Abbott filled in for Costello’s usual partner, who happened to be ill one fateful day.

Over time, Abbott & Costello perfected their routine, which typically consisted of Abbott playing the straight man while his dimwit partner acted foolishly and interrupted his plans. It was a shtick that also did well on radio, albeit one that required Costello to modify his voice with a higher pitch that not only differentiated his from Abbott but also made him sound appropriately dumber. By 1940, they were not only successful on the radio but also among America’s most popular movie stars, a status they held almost consistently throughout the decade and into the early 1950s.

The legendary comedy duo performed together for decades, and like similar acts, their popularity began to wane over time, but Abbott & Costello are still household names today. While all of their material is still in syndication and watched by many, they are best known today for “Who’s on First”, the famous routine in which Abbott’s answers about the names of baseball players at various positions on the field sound like questions and completely confuse Costello. Although the skit was pieced together from various others, it was immortalized by Abbott & Costello and helped popularize not only the duo but some of their subsequent material.

American Legends: Abbott & Costello examines the lives and careers of one of America’s most famous comedy teams. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about Abbott & Costello like never before, in no time at all.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs

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Reference by Barbara Abbott

Reference by Barbara Abbott (Oxford Surveys in Semantics & Pragmatics)
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Overview: This book introduces the most important problems of reference and considers the solutions that have been proposed to explain them. Reference is at the centre of debate among linguists and philosophers and, as Barbara Abbott shows, this has been the case for centuries. She begins by examining the basic issue of how far reference is a two place (words-world) or a three place (speakers-words-world) relation. She then discusses the main aspects of the field and the issues associated with them, including those concerning proper names; direct reference and individual concepts; the difference between referential and quantificational descriptions; pronouns and indexicality; concepts like definiteness and strength; and noun phrases in discourse.

Professor Abbott writes with exceptional verve and wit. She presupposes no technical knowledge or background and presents issues and analyses from first principles, illustrating them at every stage with well-chosen examples. Her book is addressed in the first place to advanced undergraduate and graduate students in linguistics and philosophy of language, but it will also appeal to students and practitioners in computational linguistics, cognitive psychology, and anthropology. All will welcome the clarity this guide brings to a subject that continues to challenge the leading thinkers of the age.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Rachel Abbott Audiobooks Collection – 8 Unabridged Books

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Peter the Great by Jacob Abbott

Peter the Nice by Jacob Abbott
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Overview: Parentage of Peter-His father’s double marriage-Demise of his father-The princesses-Their locations of seclusion-Theodore and John-Sophia uneasy within the convent-Her request-Her possible motives-Her success-Improve of her influence-Jealousies-Events formed-The imperial guards-Their character and influence-Risks-Sophia and the soldiers-Sophia’s continued success-Demise of Theodore-Peter proclaimed-Plots shaped by Sophia-Revolution-Technique of thrilling the people-Poisoning-Impact of the tales that had been circulating-Peter and his mother-The Monastery of the Trinity-Natalia’s flight-Slender escape of Peter-Commotion within the city-Sophia is unsuccessful-Couvansky’s schemes-Sophia’s try to appease the soldiers-No impact produced-Couvansky’s views-His plan of a wedding for his son-Indignation of Sophia-A stratagem-Couvansky falls into the snare-Pleasure produced by his death-Galitzin-Measures adopted by him-They’re profitable
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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Jeff Abbott – Collection

Jeff Abbott – Collection

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Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott by David Marr (.ePUB)+

Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott by David Marr
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Overview: Tony Abbott is the most successful Opposition leader of the last forty years, but he has never been popular. Now Australians want to know: what kind of man is he, and how would he perform as prime minister? In this dramatic portrait, David Marr shows that as a young Catholic warrior at university, Abbott was already a brutally effective politician. He later led the way in defeating the republic and, as the self-proclaimed “political love child” of John Howard, rose rapidly in the Liberal Party. His reputation as a head-kicker and hard-liner made him an unlikely leader, but when the time came, his opposition to the emissions trading scheme proved decisive. Marr shows that Abbott thrives on chaos and conflict. Part fighter and part charmer, he is deeply religious and deeply political. What happens, then, when his values clash with his need to win? This is the great puzzle of his career, but the closer he is to taking power, the more guarded he has become.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Jeff Abbott Audiobooks Collection – 13 Unabridged Books

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Megan Abbott – You Will Know Me

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