Otto Abetz and His Paris Acolytes by Martin Mauthner

Otto Abetz and His Paris Acolytes: French Writers Who Flirted with Fascism, 1930-1945 by Martin Mauthner
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Overview: Before Hitler comes to power Otto Abetz is a left-wing Francophile teacher in provincial Germany, mobilizing young French and German idealists to work together for peace through Franco-German reconciliation and a united Europe. Abetz marries a French girl but after 1933 succumbs to the Nazi sirens. Ribbentrop recruits him as his expert on France, tasking him with soothing the nervous French, as Hitler turns Germany into a war machine. Abetz builds up a network of opinion-moulding French men and women who admire the Nazis and detest the Bolsheviks, and encourages them to use their pens to highlight Hitler’s triumphs.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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