Dan Abnett – The Warmaster

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Thirteen by Dan Abnett (.M4B)

Thirteen by Scott Harrison, Dan Abnett, Cavan Scott, Kim Newman, Kaaron Warren, George Mann, Simon Clark
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 100 MB
Overview: Winner of the 2014 AUDIE award for Best Original Work

In early 20th Century England Hamilton James Macaulay relates the tale of how he found himself in a Scarborough Bric-a-brac shop. The owner of the shop has 13 long playing records that each contain a hidden track at the end, that tell strange tales of future times. These 13 tales of terror will change Hamilton James Macaulay’s life forever and he will leave the shop a murderer.

Thirteen is a portmantaeu audio anthology, harking back to the classic horror albums of the 1970s.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Horror, Short Stories

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The Anarch by Dan Abnett (.M4B)

The Anarch by Dan Abnett (Gaunt’s Ghosts, Book 15)
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 390 MB
Overview: Men of Tanith…do you want to live forever?
The battle for Urdesh has begun – and the outcome will determine the fate of the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Ibram Gaunt, now right hand to the Warmaster, and his Ghosts hold the key to victory – but can they defeat the sinister Anarch and his Sons of Sek?

On the forge world of Urdesh, the massed forces of the Imperial Crusade engage in a final bloody battle with the Archenemy commander known as the Anarch and his elite warriors – the barbaric Sons of Sek. A victory for either side will decide more than just the fate of Urdesh…it will determine the outcome of the entire Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Ibram Gaunt – now serving at the right hand of Warmaster Macaroth – finds himself at the very heart of the struggle. His regiment, the Tanith First “Ghosts”, holds the vital key to ultimate success. But as the forces of the Imperium and Chaos square up for the final, large-scale confrontation, Gaunt discovers that the greatest threat of all may come from inside rather than out.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Science Fiction

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