Acai Super Berry Cookbook by Melissa Petitto

Acai Super Berry Cookbook: Over 50 Natural and Healthy Smoothie, Bowl, and Sweet Treat Recipes by Melissa Petitto
Requirements: PDF Reader 52.13 MB
Overview: Author Melissa Petitto, RD, presents over 55 healthy and delicious recipes-accompanied by gorgeous color photography-that include the Brazilian superfruit acai in tasty and unexpected ways.
Jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants, and also low in sugar, the acai berry is the quintessential superfood. Eating acai berries may help improve cholesterol levels, stop cancer cells from forming and spreading, and improve memory and other brain functions.
While acai first gained fame as a smoothie ingredient, and has now become a smoothie bowl main star, this super berry can be used in countless ways. After an informative introduction about the acai berry, where to find it, and how to prepare it, find energizing smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes, followed by new acai takes, such as energy bars, muffins, popsicles, brownies, and even fudge!
Genre: Non-Fiction – Food & Drink

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