Theory of Vibration with Applications (5th Edition)

Theory of Vibration with Applications (5th Edition)
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Sensors Applications: Senors in Household Applications

Sensors Applications: Senors in Household Applications
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Kansei Innovation: Practical Design Applications For Product …

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Image Super-resolution And Applications

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Radiation Applications (an Advanced Course In Nuclear …

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Industrial Applications of Machine Learning by Pedro Larrañaga

Industrial Applications of Machine Learning by Pedro Larranaga, David Atienza, Javier Diaz-Rozo, Carlos Esteban Puerto-Santana, Concha Bielza
Requirements: .PDF reader, 22,8 MB
Overview: Industrial Applications of Machine Learning shows how machine learning can be applied to address real-world problems in the fourth industrial revolution, and provides the required knowledge and tools to empower readers to build their own solutions based on theory and practice. The book introduces the fourth industrial revolution and its current impact on organizations and society. It explores machine learning fundamentals, and includes four case studies that address a real-world problem in the manufacturing or logistics domains, and approaches machine learning solutions from an application-oriented point of view. The book should be of special interest to researchers interested in real-world industrial problems.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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Microsoft Excel: Top 50 Formulas in 50 Minutes! And Much More! (Updated) [Video]-

Last time you opened a spreadsheet and are overwhelmed by the formulas and functions being used. You don’t know how to make the most out of them, or change them into what you need.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You Will Walk Away With.

More info HERE

Master Forex Trading – Fundamentals-

The world of forex is rich and inviting – forex is the largest financial market in the world – making sense of it can be challenging AND it can also be exciting – that’s what our course is about to offer you.

Interpreting Data with Statistical Models [Video]-

Data is everywhere, from the newspaper you read on the subway to the report you are using to analyze yesterday’s stock market performance. In this course, Interpreting Data with Statistical Models, you will gain the ability to effectively understand how to tackle problems that appear at your work, understand which is the right statistical analysis to use, and how to interpret the results to obtain insights. First, you will learn the very basics of statistics. Next, you will discover hypothesis testing to compare variables. Finally, you will explore how to make multiple comparisons and detect functional relationships with ANOVA and Regression. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of data analysis and statistical models needed to make your data speak for itself.

How To Start a Profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency-

Learn how to start a profitable Facebook Chatbot Marketing Agency even if you have no prior marketing experience.

Facebook Ads Foundations-

Facebook Marketing has become an absolutely crucial component of lead generation for successful companies. Not only is it beneficial for huge companies – it can also make an amazing side hustle for the entrepreneur just getting started.

eCommerce Retail Dropshipping on Poshmark & Mercari-

The Easiest Way to Sell Products Online Without Any Inventory
Retail Dropshipping is the Easiest way to multiply your money online.
The issue is many platforms are cracking down on this practice (eBay & Amazon). So do you still implement this Business Model successfully online, while providing a good customer experience & making money?

Data Science and Machine Learning Prerequisite : Mathematics-

Machine learning is all about Mathematics. Every idea in Machine learning has mathematical basis of Linear algebra, Probability, Statistics, Calculus.

Complete WordPress Dashboard Course: Beginner to Advanced-

Learn How to Use WordPress Posts, Pages, Tools, Settings And More At Full Capacity By Mastering The Dashboard From A-Z!