Ensemble Classification Methods with Applications in R

Ensemble Classification Methods with Applications in R
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Drop Ship Evolution: Fast Start eBay Dropshipping Course-P2P

eBay Dropshipping Made Easy for Total Newbies!
Welcome to Drop Ship Evolution: Fast Start. This course will serve as a total beginner’s guide to Dropshipping on eBay. We will show you everything you need to know to get started listing and making money right away. We’ll also show you how to handle some important aspects of your business such as tracking and repricing.

Webassembly: Accessing C And C++ In Web Applications

Udemy – Fundamentals of Agile Project Management-P2P

Learn the techniques of agile project management

Udemy Instructor Revenue and Review Analysis-P2P

What are the requirements?
Students should have a fundamental understanding of Excel spreadsheets before taking this course
Students should already be Udemy instrutors

Udemy Instructor Revenue and Review Analysis
1h | Video: .MP4, 1280×720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 233 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

The Secret To Success – How To Achieve Goals-P2P

Success factors. Goal Achievement. How to set goals. Low self-esteem. How to be confident. Self-image.
Have you ever wondered why some people achieve success whereas others struggle every single day of their lives? You might think that this is all connected to talent, intelligence or even connections with the right people. However, the truth is quite different.

Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, JSON Training-P2P

Technical Writing API: XML Schema Programming, XSD, JSON Training, Business Writing For Beginners, REST API Web Services
API writers are needed all across the world to document the new features of a software with clear instructions and procedures. With the number of complexity of the software’s, it can be hard for developers to remember all the functions and the parameters it has, that’s where the API writer play a key role in building software applications, but if you can’t do technical writing, you’re missing great opportunities and other writers will grab them.

SAS Programming: Data Manipulation and Analysing Techniques-P2P

Learn Data Transformation with SAS. Clean dirty data with SAS. Analyse your data with SAS. Lots of SAS Practices !

Photogrammetry With Drones: In Mapping Technology-P2P

Become an expert photogrammetrist

Mental Doping – the complete program!-P2P

Motivate Max the mental doping 6 weeks program – designed for personal high performance!

MBA-level Advertising Strategy from a former F500 Manager-P2P

How to develop a comprehensive advertising plan
Learn how to develop holistic advertising strategies across various media. Learn the creative and quantitative approaches to effective advertising plans.

GIS Certification Course : Geographic Information Systems-P2P

First Step to learn GIS-Geographic Information System

Breathing Essentials: The Beginning-P2P

This course will give you a general description and information on the Breathing Essentials Series. It will give a brief discussion of the function of respiration and how it can alter your trunk stability and posture. It will discuss how certain muscles can alter your neck and shoulders. For a full discussion it is recommended to delve deeper into the subject with the Breathing Essentials Series.
Who is the target audience?

Beginning Microsoft Graph: With Javascript Applications