Ash Wednesday by Ethan Hawke

Witch-Blood via Ash Fitzsimmons

The Ash Wednesday Supper by way of Giordano Bruno

The Ash Wednesday Supper: A New Translation by way of Giordano Bruno, Hilary Gatti (Editor)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.Three MB
Overview: Giordano Bruno’s The Ash Wednesday Supper is the primary of six philosophical dialogues in Italian that he wrote and printed in London between 1584 and 1585. It gifts a modern cosmology based at the new Copernican astronomy that Bruno extends to limitless dimensions, filling it with an never-ending choice of planetary methods. As neatly as opening up the standard closed universe and decreasing earth to a tiny speck in an overwhelmingly immense cosmos, Bruno provides a full of life description of his conflict of critiques with the conservative lecturers and theologians he argued with in Oxford and London.

This quantity, containing what has lately been claimed as the general model of Bruno’s Ash Wednesday Supper, gifts a brand new translation in response to a newly edited textual content, with crucial remark that takes account of probably the most present dialogue of the textual, ancient, cosmological and philosophical problems raised on this discussion. It considers Bruno’s paintings as a seminal textual content of the overdue European renaissance.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass)

Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass)
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Mist, Metal, and Ash by Gwendolyn Clare

Mist, Metal, and Ash (Ink, Iron, and Glass #2) by Gwendolyn Clare
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 220 MB
Overview: Worlds collide in this thrilling sequel to the epic, imaginative, acclaimed fantasy Ink, Iron, and Glass.

In an alternate 19th-century Italy, Elsa has an incredible gift: She can craft new worlds with precise lines of script written in books. But political extremists have stolen the most dangerous book ever scribed – one that can rewrite the Earth itself.

Now Elsa must track down the friend who betrayed her and recover the book before its destructive power is unleashed. Can she handle the secrets she’ll uncover along the way – including the ones hiding in her own heart?
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Fantasy > Young Adult

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Ash (Hell Squad #14) by Anna Hackett (.M4B)

Ash (Hell Squad #14) by Anna Hackett
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 130 MB
Overview: In the middle of an alien invasion, will the bad boy berserker catch the geeky tech genius?

Computer genius Marin Mitchell is doing her part to help humanity survive the raptor invasion, working tirelessly to decrypt alien data. She spends her days working and drooling over a certain tattooed biker berserker from Squad Three. But Marin knows the rules: geeks do not snag sexy bad boys. She spends her nights playing her favorite computer game where she is a kick-butt badass, and a match for her mysterious online fight partner, SuperSoldier3.

A member of the Squad Three berserkers, Ash Connors knows that whenever he reaches for something good, life slaps him back down. He gave up on his dreams a long time ago, and instead, focused on running his motorcycle club with his best friend. But after the alien invasion, he does what he does best: fight and take down the aliens. When cute, smart, and sweet Marin catches his eye, he tries to steer clear, but can’t seem to stay away…online or in real life.

When Marin discovers information about a central alien data hub, her skills are needed to hack into the system. That means a deadly mission deep underground, right into the heart of alien territory. That throws her right into Ash’s tattooed arms. As the sexy berserker fights to keep her safe, he also vows to show Marin that while she might follow the rules, he likes to break them.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance, Science Fiction

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Information Theory by Robert B. Ash

Information Theory (Dover Books on Mathematics) by Robert B. Ash
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 18 MB
Overview: Developed by Claude Shannon and Norbert Wiener in the late 1940s, information theory, or statistical communication theory, deals with the theoretical underpinnings of a wide range of communication devices: radio, television, radar, computers, telegraphy, and more. This book is an excellent introduction to the mathematics underlying the theory.
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Lady Smoke (Ash Princess Trilogy #2) by Laura Sebastian

Lady Smoke (Ash Princess Trilogy #2) by Laura Sebastian
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 285 MB
Overview: The sequel to the instant New York Times best-seller that was "made for fans of Victoria Aveyard and Sabaa Tahir" (Bustle), Lady Smoke is an epic new fantasy about a throne cruelly stolen and a girl who must fight to take it back for her people.

The Kaiser murdered Theodosia’s mother, the Fire Queen, when Theo was only six. He took Theo’s country and kept her prisoner, crowning her Ash Princess – a pet to toy with and humiliate for 10 long years. That era has ended. The Kaiser thought his prisoner weak and defenseless. He didn’t realize that a sharp mind is the deadliest weapon.

Theo no longer wears a crown of ashes. She has taken back her rightful title, and a hostage – Prinz Soren. But her people remain enslaved under the Kaiser’s rule, and now she is thousands of miles away from them and her throne.

To get them back, she will need an army. Only, securing an army means she must trust her aunt, the dreaded pirate Dragonsbane. And according to Dragonsbane, an army can only be produced if Theo takes a husband. Something an Astrean Queen has never done.

Theo knows that freedom comes at a price, but she is determined to find a way to save her country without losing herself.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Fantasy > Young Adult

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Tear It Down (Peter Ash #4) by Nick Petrie

Tear It Down (Peter Ash #4) by Nick Petrie
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 305 MB
Overview: In the new edge-of-your-seat adventure from national best-selling author Nick Petrie, Peter Ash pursues one case – and stumbles into another – in the City of the Blues.

Iraq war veteran Peter Ash is restless in the home he shares with June Cassidy in Washington State. June knows Peter needs to be on the move, so she sends him to Memphis to help her friend Wanda Wyatt, a photographer and war correspondent who’s been receiving peculiar threats. When Peter arrives in Memphis, however, he finds the situation has gone downhill fast – someone has just driven a dump truck into Wanda’s living room. But neither Wanda nor Peter can figure out why.

At the same time, a young, homeless street musician finds himself roped into a plan to rob a jewelry store. The heist doesn’t go as planned, and the young man finds himself holding a sack full of Rolexes and running for his life. When his getaway car breaks down, he steals a new one at gunpoint – Peter’s 1968 green Chevrolet pickup truck.

Peter likes the skinny kid’s smarts and attitude, but he soon discovers the desperate musician is in far worse trouble than he knows. And Wanda’s troubles are only beginning.

Peter finds himself stuck between Memphis gangsters – looking for Rolexes and revenge – and a Mississippi ex-con and his hog-butcher brother looking for a valuable piece of family history that goes all the way back to the Civil War.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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Nick Petrie – Peter Ash Series

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The Tainted (Dominion of Ash Book 1)

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Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom of Ash

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Ash by Alys Einion

Sarah J. Maas – Kingdom Of Ash

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