Bar Harbor Babylon by Dan Landrigan

Bar Harbor Babylon: Murder, Misfortune, and Scandal on Mount Desert Island by Dan Landrigan, Leslie Landrigan
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Overview: Mount Desert Island has attracted scoundrels and scandals for more than 100 years. Steady as the tide, every summer brings a rush of summer residents from eastern cities to the island and nothing thrilled them so much as a good scandal.

In its heyday, Mount Desert was a wild oasis where the summercators could carry on in comparative privacy. Today, unfortunately, unlike Las Vegas, what happened on Mount Desert doesn’t always stay on Mount Desert. The scandals that were the talk of the picnics and outings that filled the summer visitors’ days are brought back to life in Bar Harbor Babylon.

Murderers, thieves, cheaters and scammers have all made their mark on the tiny towns of Mount Desert. This book will take the reader on a tour of the misadventures and misfortunes that punctuate the island’s wealthy and privileged past.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The New Babylon by Michael Collins Piper

The New Babylon: Those Who Reign Supreme, a Panoramic Overview of the Historical, Religious and Economic Origins of the New World Order by Michael Collins Piper
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Overview: While there is much discussion today about a concept known as "The New World Order," (NWO) the pathetic fact remains that most of those doing the talking about the NWO refuse-and adamantly so-to address its real origins, its real nature. Over the years there has been quite a bit of material published that points in the direction of what the NWO constitutes and it is the purpose of this volume to assimilate and assemble that material which correctly describes the NWO and the philosophy upon which it is founded. Unfortunately, much of this thoroughly fallacious material is being promulgated by self-styled ‘patriots’ who ignore or suppress the uncomfortable, cold, hard truth that the origins of the NWO are found in the series of Jewish religious commentaries known as the Talmud, an often vile occult work that is the basis of Jewish religious thinking today, just as it was when it first emerged during the Jewish ‘captivity’ in Babylon. Our purpose here is to delineate the philosophical foundations of the NWO as it is being instituted, as those who desire an NWO would have it set in place. The origins of the NWO are indubitably clear and the forces that are bringing this NWO into being are readily apparent. Its proponents have very real faces and names. These modern-day Pharisees are not hidden behind obscure, impossible-to-pinpoint entities such as ‘The Illuminati’ or a ‘German death cult’ as some would have us believe. The NWO forces have coalesced around the international empire of the Rothschild Dynasty whose tentacles now reach into the highest levels of the American system. The NWO is real and this is what it is all about. I am personally indebted to all those who came before me in exploring this troublesome topic in no uncertain terms. I hope I have done their work justice in mine.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Wrestling Babylon by Irvin Muchnick

Wrestling Babylon: Piledriving Tales of Drugs, Sex, Death, and Scandal by Irvin Muchnick
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 2.35MB
Overview: Irvin Muchnick – a widely published writer and nephew of the late, legendary St. Louis wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick – has produced a book unlike any other on the astonishing growth of professional wrestling and its profound impact on mainstream sports and society. In Wrestling Babylon, he traces the demise of wrestling’s old Mafia-like territories and the rise of a national marketing base thanks to cable television, deregulation and a culture-wide nervous breakdown. Naturally, the figure of WWE’s Vince McMahon lurks throughout, but equally evident is the public’s late-empire lust for bread, circuses, and blood. As this book demonstrates, the more cartoonishly unreal wrestling got, the more chillingly real it became. What truly distinguishes Wrestling Babylon, however, is Muchnick’s ability to show how professional wrestling has become the ur-carnival for a culture that feeds on escapist displays of humiliation, revenge, fantasy characters, and sex.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General Wrestling

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Imagining Babylon by Mario Liverani

Imagining Babylon: The Modern Story of an Ancient City by Mario Liverani
Requirements: .PDF reader, 16.2 mb
Overview: Ever since the archaeological rediscovery of the Ancient Near East, generations of scholars have attempted to reconstruct the "real Babylon," known to us before from the evocative biblical account of the Tower of Babel. After two centuries of excavations and scholarship, Mario Liverani provides an insightful overview of modern, Western approaches, theories, and accounts of the ancient Near Eastern city.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Hammurabi of Babylon by Dominique Charpin

Hammurabi of Babylon by Dominique Charpin
Requirements: .PDF reader, 19.5 mb
Overview: Hammurabi of Babylon Hammurabi was the sixth king of ancient Babylon and also its greatest. This book shows that Hammurabi, while certainly one of the most able rulers in the whole of prehistory, was also responsible for pivotal developments in the history of civilization.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon
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Babylon of Egypt : the archaeology of outdated Cairo and the origins of town

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Babylon of Egypt : the archaeology of outdated Cairo and the origins of town

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The Fires of Babylon by Mike Guardia

The Fires of Babylon: Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting by Mike Guardia
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 188 MB
Overview: As a new generation of main battle tanks came on line during the 1980s, neither the US nor USSR had the chance to pit them in combat. But once the Cold War between the superpowers waned, Iraq’s Saddam Hussein provided that chance with his invasion of Kuwait. Finally the new US M1A1 tank would see how it fared against the vaunted Soviet-built T-72.
On the morning of August 2, 1990, Iraqi armored divisions invaded the tiny emirate of Kuwait. The Iraqi Army, after its long war with Iran, had more combat experience than the U.S. Army. Who knew if America’s untested forces could be shipped across the world and thence contest the battle-hardened Iraqis on their home ground? The Kuwaitis had collapsed easily enough, but the invasion drew fierce condemnation from the UN, which demanded Saddam’s withdrawal. Undeterred by the rhetoric, the Iraqi dictator massed his forces along the Saudi Arabian border and dared the world to stop him. In response, the U.S. led the world community in a coalition of 34 nations in what became known as Operation Desert Storm – a violent air and ground campaign to eject the Iraqis from Kuwait. Leading this charge into Iraq were the men of Eagle Troop in the US Army’s 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment.
Commanded by then-Captain HR McMaster, Eagle Troop was the lead element of the US VII Corps’ advance into Iraq. On February 26, 1991, Eagle Troop encountered the Tawakalna Brigade of Iraq’s elite Republican Guard. By any calculation, the 12 American tanks didn’t stand a chance. Yet within a mere 23 minutes, the M1A1 tanks of Eagle Troop destroyed more than 50 enemy vehicles and plowed a hole through the Iraqi front. History would call it the Battle of 73 Easting.
Based on hours of interviews and archival research by renowned author Mike Guardia, this minute-by-minute account of the U.S. breakthrough reveals an intimate, no-holds-barred account of modern warfare.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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The Heirs of Babylon by Glen Cook

Babylon Berlin #1 – GN

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Babylon #1

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