The Fat-loss Blitz by Chloe Madeley

The Fat-loss Blitz: Flexible Diet and Exercise Plans to Transform Your Body – Whatever Your Fitness Level by Chloe Madeley
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Bestselling author of The 4-Week Body Blitz, Chloe Madeley, is back with a new diet and exercise plan to get you in shape and shift your body fat – whatever your fitness level or starting point may be.
Whether you are an exercise novice, someone who works out a few times a week or if fitness is your way of life, there is a plan in Chloe’s book to suit you. From home workouts to gym routines, this book has it covered.
Follow Chloe’s 28-day tailored eating and fitness plans and you will soon start to see a difference in how you look and feel.
This fully illustrated, day-by-day guide contains delicious, easy recipes and step-by-step exercise instructions.
Genre: Non-Fiction – Health, Fitness & Medical

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The Secret History of the Blitz by Joshua Levine

The Secret History of the Blitz by Joshua Levine
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Overview: The Blitz of 1940-41 is one of the most iconic periods in modern British history – and one of the most misunderstood. The ‘Blitz Spirit’ is often celebrated, whereas others dismiss it as a myth. Joshua Levine’s thrilling biography rejects the tired arguments and reveals the human truth: the Blitz was a time of extremes of experience and behaviour. People were pulling together and helping strangers, but they were also breaking rules and exploiting each other. Life during wartime, the author reveals, was complex and messy and real.
From the first page readers will discover a different story to the one they thought they knew – from the sacrifices made by ordinary people to a sudden surge in the popularity of nightclubs; from secret criminal trials at the Old Bailey to a Columbine-style murder in an Oxford College. There were new working opportunities for women and clandestine homosexual relationships conducted in the shadows. The Blitz also allowed for a melting pot of cultures: whilst prayers were offered up in a south London mosque, Jamaican sailors crossed the country. Unlikely friendships were fostered and surprising sexualities explored – these years saw a boom in prostitution and even the emergence of a popular weekly magazine for fetishists. On the darker side, racketeers and spivs made money out of the chaos, and looters prowled the night to prey on bomb victims.
From the lack of cheese to the increased suicide rate, this astonishing and entertaining book takes the true pulse of a ‘blitzed nation’. And it shows how social change during this time led to political change – which in turn has built the Britain that we know today.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Blitz households : the youngsters who stayed at the back of

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Bandaging The Blitz [audiobook]

Bandaging The Blitz [Audiobook]

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Wilhelmshaven, The Liverpool Blitz, Banner of Victory over the Reichstag (After the Battle 148)

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The Secret History Of The Blitz

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