DRAM Circuit Design by Brent Keeth

DRAM Circuit Design: Fundamental and High-Speed Topics by Brent Keeth, R. Jacob Baker, Brian Johnson, Feng Lin
Requirements: .PDF reader, 58,9 MB
Overview: Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) technology has been one of the greatestdriving forces in the advancement of solid-state technology. With its ability to produce high product volumes and low pricing, it forces solid-state memory manufacturers to work aggressively to cut costs while maintaining, if not increasing, their market share. As a result, the state of the art continues to advance owing to the tremendous pressure to get more memory chips from each silicon wafer, primarily through process scaling and clever design. From a team of engineers working in memory circuit design, DRAM Circuit Design gives students and practicing chip designers an easy-to-follow, yet thorough, introductory treatment of the subject. Focusing on the chip designer rather than the end user, this volume offers expanded, up-to-date coverage of DRAM circuit design by presenting both standard and high-speed implementations. Additionally, it explores a range of topics: the DRAM array, peripheral circuitry, global circuitry and considerations, voltage converters, synchronization in DRAMs, data path design, and power delivery. Additionally, this up-to-date and comprehensive book features topics in high-speed design and architecture and the ever-increasing speed requirements of memory circuits. The only book that covers the breadth and scope of the subject under one cover, DRAM Circuit Design is an invaluable introduction for students in courses on memory circuit design or advanced digital courses in VLSI or CMOS circuit design. It also serves as an essential, one-stop resource for academics, researchers, and practicing engineers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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The Art and Science of Drawing – Brent Eviston [updated 05/2019]

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Brent Schlender, Rick Tetzeli – Becoming Steve Jobs

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The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks

The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks (Lightbringer #2)
Requirements: MP3 Player | 24 hours and 19 minutes | 652.18MB
Overview: Release Date: September 26, 2012 | Narrator: Simon Vance

Gavin Guile is dying.

He’d thought he had five years left – now he’s got less than one. With fifty thousand refugees, a bastard son and an ex-fiancée who may have learned his darkest secret, Gavin’s got problems on every side. As he loses control of his magic, all magic is running wild, threatening to destroy the Seven Satrapies. The old gods are being reborn. Their army of color wights is unstoppable, and the only salvation may be the brother whose freedom and life Gavin stole sixteen years ago.
Genre: Fantasy Audiobook

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