Dead Ringer (Cold Case Psychic #6) by Pandora Pine (.M4B)

Dead Ringer (Cold Case Psychic #6) by Pandora Pine
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 205 MB
Overview: Cold case detective and newlywed, Ronan O’Mara, is sitting on top of the world. When he returns to work after his honeymoon, he finds more waiting for him than a stack of dusty cold-case files. Hidden in the mail on Ronan’s desk is a letter from Tank Hutchins, aka The Riverside Ripper. Convicted of murdering a woman three years ago, Tank claims he is innocent and asks Ronan and Tennyson for their help in proving who really committed the crime: his twin brother, Tim.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm is reluctant to meet with the convicted murderer who’s placed his faith in Ten’s gift. When Tennyson realizes Tank is innocent of the crime for which he’s serving 25 to life, he knows that he and Ronan have to do whatever it takes to set things right.

Together with Tank’s private investigator, the mysterious Jude Byrne, Ronan and Tennyson retrace the steps of the original investigation hoping to find the one piece of evidence that will get Tank’s conviction overturned and bring the real killer to light.

When new evidence leads them to believe there’s a larger conspiracy at play, will Tennyson and Ronan be able to find the killer before he returns to complete his diabolical plan?
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance, MM, Paranormal

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Justice Buried (Memphis Cold Case #2) by Patricia Bradley

Justice Buried (Memphis Cold Case #2) by Patricia Bradley
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 270 MB
Overview: In an effort to get her security consulting business off the ground, Kelsey Allen has been spending a lot of time up in the air, rappelling down buildings and climbing through windows to show business owners their vulnerabilities to thieves. When she is hired to pose as a conservator at the Pink Palace Museum in order to test their security weaknesses after some artifacts go missing, she’s ecstatic. But when her investigative focus turns from theft to murder, Kelsey knows she’s out of her league – and possibly in the cross hairs. When blast-from-the-past Detective Brad Hollister is called in to investigate, Kelsey may find that he’s the biggest security threat yet – to her heart.

Crackling with romantic tension and laced with intrigue, this suspenseful story from award-winning author Patricia Bradley will keep listeners guessing – and looking over their shoulders.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense, Romance

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