Justice League #20 (2019)-

Justice League #20 (2019) : “The Sixth Dimension” phase two! The Leaguers come head to head with their long term selves within the Sixth Dimension and discover the trail that lies sooner than them. Meanwhile, Superman is trapped on an international with out a mild and loads of lifeless Supermen! Can the Man of Steel break out sooner than his powers totally disappear? To do this, he’s going to wish to be informed who captured him!

Descender #1 – 32 + TPBs (2015-2018)-

One younger robotic’s battle to stick alive in a universe the place all androids were outlawed and bounty hunters lurk on each planet. A rip-roaring and heart-felt cosmic odyssey that pits humanity in opposition to system, and international in opposition to international, to create a sprawling house opera from the creators of Trillium, Sweet Tooth, and Little Gotham.

DC comics week (13.03.2019, week 11)

DC comics week (13.03.2019, week 11)
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DC comics week (08.05.2019, week 19)

DC comics week (08.05.2019, week 19)
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Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics: From the Legendary Creator of…

Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics: From the Legendary Creator of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Iron Man
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The Curse of Brimstone #1 – 12 + Annual (2018-2019)-

Joe Chamberlain would do anything else to save lots of his small, forgotten town-even make a maintain the satan. But issues worsen, and Joe reveals himself cursed with the ability of BRIMSTONE. With the ability of fireside and destruction coursing thru his palms, Joe should now monitor down and smash the demon he made his maintain prior to the ability he now wields destroys town he used to be looking to save.

Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1 – 6 (2007-2009)-

Dark Horse Comics took the business through hurricane with its free up of Aliens, a comics collection that for the primary time captured the facility of movie supply subject material and expanded its universe in some way that enthusiasts applauded international.

Spider-Man – Deadpool #1 – 46 + TPBs (2016-2019)-

Because you demanded it! The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are teaming up for his or her first ongoing sequence ever! It’s motion, journey and only a smattering of (b)romance on this episodic epic that includes the World’s Greatest Super Hero and the superstar of the World’s Greatest Comics Magazine. Talk about an actual dynamic duo!

Peter Parker – The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 – 6 + 297 – 313 (2017-2019)-

The wall-crawling wonder returns to New York City, going back to basics for big heroics in the Big Apple while taking on threats old and new! A crime ring is tightening around Spidey, and Ironheart could help him zero in on the source – if only she’d stop beating him up. When Spider-Man’s old pal, the Human Torch, joins in on the trail of terrifying tech, the web-head and flame-brain will be led to.Wilson Fisk! And they’ll find out that the former Kingpin of Crime is still a force to be reckoned with! Plus: What is jolly J. Jonah Jameson up to these days? And Spider-Man’s newest ally, the Mason, falls prey to the Vulture!

Companion series for The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 4. Peter Parker’s world is about to turn upside down! After issue 6, the Marvel Legacy event starts, in which all of the issues of the previous volume’s of (Peter Parker) the Spectacular Spider-Man are counted together, making the 7th issue the 297th in total.

Deadpool Classic Vol. 1 – 23 (2008-2019)-

A trade paperback series. Each volume reprints several issues of Deadpool.

DC Special Series #1 – 27 (1977-1981)-

Launched as part of the DC Explosion, DC Special Series was anthology that focused on a different character every month. It would survive the following Implosion, lasting until the 1981 #27 – Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk – a crossover between DC & Marvel.

Black Hammer Library Edition Vol. 1 (2018)-

Mysteriously banished from existence by a multiversal event, the old superheroes of Spiral City now lead simple lives on a bizarre farm from which there is no escape! But as they employ all of their super abilities to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure! Collects the first and second volumes of Black Hammer and Black Hammer: Giant Sized Annual with a new cover, sketchbook extras, and more!

Comics Librarianship: A Handbook

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DC comics week (27.02.2019, week 9)

DC comics week (27.02.2019, week 9)
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