Compelling God by Stephanie Clark

Compelling God: Theories of Prayer in Anglo-Saxon England by Stephanie Clark
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Overview: While prayer is generally understood as ‘communion with God’ modern forms of spirituality prefer ‘communion’ that is non-petitionary and wordless. This preference has unduly influenced modern scholarship on historic methods of prayer particularly concerning Anglo-Saxon spirituality.
In Compelling God, Stephanie Clark examines the relationship between prayer, gift giving, the self, and community in Anglo-Saxon England. Clark’s analysis of the works of Bede, Alfric, and Alfred utilizes anthropologic and economic theories of exchange in order to reveal the ritualized, gift-giving relationship with God that Anglo-Saxon prayer espoused. Anglo-Saxon prayer therefore should be considered not merely within the usual context of contemplation, rumination, and meditation but also within the context of gift exchange, offering, and sacrifice. Compelling God allows us to see how practices of prayer were at the centre of social connections through which Anglo-Saxons conceptualized a sense of their own personal and communal identity.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy [Audiobook]

Think: A Compelling Introduction to Philosophy [Audiobook]

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Compelling Evidence by Michael Anderle (.MP3)

Compelling Evidence (The Kurtherian Endgame #2) by Michael Anderle
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 160 MB
Overview: The bitch is back, and she means business.

Two hundred years ago, an alien race altered the course of the galaxy’s history. Just not in the way they intended.

Bethany Anne Nacht has denied the Kurtherians at every turn. After two centuries of war, the Kurtherians have gone into hiding, and so has the Queen Bitch.

Life around High Tortuga is about to get very interesting.

Bethany Anne and Michael have adjusted to family life. She and her husband have two children to protect and raise – not an easy task when your children are…gifted. Her plan to protect her children from harm is coming to fruition. However, she didn’t count on their father….

Away from home, the game begins again when a scout ship runs into trouble, and a mysterious new enemy threatens the stability of the nascent Federation.

The endgame is underway.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

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