Confucius by Peimin Ni

Confucius by Peimin Ni
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Overview: Through a systematic introduction of Confucius as a historical figure, a spiritual leader, a philosopher, a political reformer, an educator, and a person, this book offers a comprehensive, lucid, and in-depth articulation of Confucius and his teachings for Western students. It explains how his ideas are different from their Western counterparts as well as challenging the orthodox Western understandings of Confucianism. The book reveals clearly how Confucius’s insights can be a rich resource for addressing contemporary problems and re-enchanting the world and the contemporary life.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Color Me Confucius by means of William Bodri

Color Me Confucius: The Ethical and Moral Reset Needed for Society by means of William Bodri
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Overview: Breathing new existence into the fields of philosophy and spirituality, the self-cultivation practices of the Confucian manner, reinterpreted for contemporary instances, are as soon as once more a perfect blessing for humanity. Similar to vipassana, the strategies of mindfulness and self-correction can assist us bring to an end psychological afflictions, grasp our computerized psychological processes, building up our psychological readability and lift our rational pondering processes. Used by means of folks bent on self-improvement similar to Yuan Liao Fan, Benjamin Franklin, Frank Better and others, they’ve led many to the heights of private worldly good fortune. Confucius additionally equipped us tips on the right way to set up states and save you the fracturing of social brotherly love that threatens many nations as of late. The rules of cultivation taught by means of Confucius, Mencius, Wang Yang-ming and others now not simplest come with mastering your thoughts and behaviour, however your frame and its inside power as smartly. In this fashion in addition they assist us to succeed in larger ranges of well being and energy. They save you us from changing into errant males of commercial and will assist us discover a significant existence objective or more than one functions inside of existence. Taken to the maximum perfection that includes absolutely transcending our animal nature, the phases of Confucian cultivation permit probably the most a hit adherents to succeed in the standing of a sage.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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The Great Courses Confucius, Buddha, Jesus And Muhammad Audio Tutorial

After Confucius: Studies In Early Chinese Philosophy

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