The Basics Of Corset Building by Linda Sparks

The Basics Of Corset Building , A Handbook For Beginners By Linda Sparks
Requirements: .PDF reader, 16.0 MB
Overview: Think of a corset as a blank canvas.Here’s what’s included in this comprehensive guide to building your first corset: Section One: Tools and Materials for Corset BuildingDiscusses the tools you’ll need, plus types of steel, plastic, and textiles. Section Two: Building a CorsetEverything you need to know about working with bones and busks, setting grommets and eyelets, and creating a beautifully finished corset. Section Three: Construction TechniquesCovers all the steps, including making a modesty panel, making a mock-up, and building single layer, double layer, and fashion fabric corsets. Section Four: Alterations and FitDiscusses commercial corset patterns, as well as how to fit and style a corset for exactly the look you want.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General Craft

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Corset Cutting and Making: Revised Edition by Marion McNealy

Corset Cutting and Making: Revised Edition by Marion McNealy
Requirements: EPUB Reader 23 MB
Overview: Corset Cutting and Making contains 19 historical corset patterns and 1 brassiere pattern dating from 1900 to 1920. These historical corset patterns are a goldmine of unusual styles and shapes, ranging from fashionable corsets, to maternity and nursing, athletic and equestrian corsets.
The corset patterns include:
Nine Edwardian straight-front style corsets, aka S-bend, dated 1900-1907
One pre-World War 1 long line style corset, dated 1911-1912
Five World War 1 era corsets, including one for factory workers, dated 1914-1918
One 1920s athletic corset; Three Children’s waists, dated 1890-1920.
These patterns have not been drafted from museum examples, but are drafted from patterns which were published pre-1923. Each pattern is accompanied by a short historical background, construction information and examples gathered from historical catalogs.
Genre: Non-Fiction – General

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