Basic Critical Theory for Photographers by Ashley la Grange

Basic Critical Theory for Photographers by Ashley la Grange
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Overview: If you want to understand the key debates in photography and learn how to apply the fascinating issues raised by critical theory to your own practical work, this is the book for you! This accessible book cuts through often difficult and intimidating academic language to deliver understandable, stimulating discussion and summaries of the original texts.

Key works by great writers such as Sontag and Barthes are explored, along with those from other prominent critics. You are guided through a broad range of issues, including the differences between Eastern and Western art, post-modernism, sexism, the relationship between photography and language and many other crucial debates. The book is illustrated by many classic images by eminent international photographers.

Each chapter is followed by stimulating assignments and activities to get you thinking critically and apply theoretical knowledge to your own practical work. A helpful glossary provides quick access to all key terms and a substantial index references key words within the original essays which are not normally indexed.

A must-have aid to anyone studying critical theory, this book provides intelligently written, illuminating insights on the 21st century’s dominant art form.

* Benefit from detailed summaries and stimulating discussion that cuts through the complexity of key critical theory texts
* Gives you confidence to tackle photographic theory and relate it to your own work, enhancing your creativity and understanding
* Explore fascinating issues including sexism, the effects of advertising, Eastern versus Western art and moral issues raised by photography
Genre: Non-Fiction > General > Photography & Video

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