Australia’s Dangerous Snakes by Peter Mirtschin

Australia’s Dangerous Snakes: Identification, Biology and Envenoming 1st Edition by Peter Mirtschin , Arne Rasmussen, Scott Weinstein
Requirements: .PDF reader, 77.9 MB
Overview: Australia’s venomous snakes are widely viewed as the world’s most deadly and are regarded with cautious curiosity, fascination, and regrettably, fear. Australia’s Dangerous Snakes examines the biology, natural history, venom properties, and bite treatment of medically-important, venomous marine and terrestrial snakes. It contains comprehensive identification profiles for each species, supported by keys and photographs. In addition to their medical importance, the environmental roles of these snakes and the threats that are causing the decline of many of these reptiles are discussed. Drawing on the authors’ experience in the fields of herpetology, toxinology, and clinical medicine, this book stimulates respect and admiration and dispels fear of Australia’s fascinating snakes.
Australia’s Dangerous Snakes will provide hours of rewarding reading and valuable information for anyone interested in Australia’s unique wildlife and natural history, and it will be an essential reference for herpetologists, toxinologists, physicians, zoo personnel, and private snake collectors.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational > Biological Sciences

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The Dangerous Trade by Daniel Szechi

The Dangerous Trade: Spies, Spymasters and the Making of Europe by Daniel Szechi, Michael J. Levin, Alan Marshall
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.5 MB
Overview: This book is about the secret history of Europe. Drawing on the latest research by experts in the field, it opens up the hidden world of the Dangerous Trade: the spying and secret operations that made and broke European nations between 1500 and 1800. Espionage, blackmail and bribery were the Trade’s regular tools; assassination, provoking civil war and black propaganda were the ones used for "special" occasions. But who were the practitioners of these dark arts? How were they recruited? What did they achieve? By exploring the lives of spies and secret agents such as Giacomo Casanova, Nathaniel Hooke, Melchor de Macanaz and many more, the book reveals the unknown story that underlies the making of modern Europe.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Wolverine – Dangerous Games (TPB) (2017)-

It is Wolverine as you have by no means observed him earlier than! Watch the X-Males’s most deadly member as he battles two-bit thugs and overfed Brit Aristos. Then, Wolverine faces down Nanny and Orphan-Maker, and we could former New X-Males member Trance in on all his secrets and techniques. And we all know that Wolverine is a professional tracker, however what about when he is been blinded? The preventing Canadian will have to lead a vacationing circle of relatives out of the woods the usage of handiest his 4 last senses. Collects Wolverine Annual #1: Deathsong, Wolverine: Bad Video games, Wolverine: Firebreak, Wolverine: Killing Made Easy.

Dangerous and Dishonest Men by Guy Rowlands

Dangerous and Dishonest Men: The International Bankers of Louis XIV’s France by Guy Rowlands
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1.1mb
Overview: At the start of the eighteenth century Louis XIV needed to remit huge sums of money abroad to support his armies during the War of the Spanish Succession. This book explains how international bankers moved French money across Europe, and how the foreign exchange system was so overloaded by the demands of war that a massive banking crash resulted.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Dangerous Prayers by Susan Hill

Harmful Prayers: 50 Highly effective Prayers That Modified the World by Susan Hill
Necessities: .ePUB reader, 17 MB
Overview: World-changers. Rebels. Rejecters of the established order. All through historical past, Christians had been by no means meant to have a protected religion.

Study from the courageous ones who’ve gone earlier than you with Harmful Prayers, an inspiring assortment of prayers from individuals who have modified the world. Exploring historic figures, cultural icons, political leaders, saints, and martyrs, this e-book gives you a wealthy visible expertise to discover the facility of dynamic prayers.

From St. Francis of Assisi to Harriett Tubman to Billy Graham, God can use bizarre individuals who pray brave prayers to do extraordinary issues for Him. Irrespective of your age, place, or standing, praying harmful prayers will change your life-and probably the world round you as effectively.
Style: Non-Fiction > Religion, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous by Michael Hartl

Be taught Sufficient Command Line to Be Harmful: A tutorial introduction to the Unix command line (Be taught Sufficient Developer Fundamentals E book 1) by Michael Hartl
Necessities: .PDF reader, 3.four MB
Overview: The Unix command line is the one most essential foundational ability for aspiring software program builders, and Be taught Sufficient Command Line to Be Harmful has been known as "the perfect newbies information to bash [the most popular command-line program]".
In contrast to most different command line tutorials, Be taught Sufficient Command Line to Be Harmful assumes no stipulations apart from normal laptop information.
Get began on the highway to technical sophistication by studying this important laptop ability.
Style: Non-Fiction > Tech & Gadgets

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The Dangerous Divide: US-Mexico Border by Peter Eichstaedt

The Dangerous Divide: Peril and Promise on the US-Mexico Border by Peter Eichstaedt
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.4 MB
Overview: How do we balance border security and America’s need for a vital workforce while continuing to provide access to the American dream? Since the attacks of 9/11, the United States has steadily ramped up security along the US-Mexico border, transforming America’s legendary Southwest into a frontier of fear. Veteran journalist Peter Eichstaedt roams this fabled region from Tucson, Arizona, to El Paso, Texas, meeting with migrants, border security advocates, and communities ravaged by cross-border crime. Eichstaedt finds that despite tens of thousands of border agents and the expenditure of billions of dollars, an estimated one million Mexicans and Central Americans continue to cross the border each year. These migrants fill jobs that have become the underpinnings of the US economy. Rather than building a wall, or more and better barricades, Eichstaedt argues that the United States must reform its immigration and drug laws and acknowledge that costly, counterproductive, and antiquated policies have created deadly circumstances on both sides of the border.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General > Immigration Policy

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