Good Enough by Daniel S. Milo (.M4B)

Good Enough: The Tolerance for Mediocrity in Nature and Society by Daniel S. Milo
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 233 MB
Overview: Why is the genome of a salamander 40 times larger than that of a human? Why does the avocado tree produce a million flowers and only a hundred fruits? Why, in short, is there so much waste in nature?
In this lively and wide-ranging meditation on the curious accidents and unexpected detours on the path of life, Daniel Milo argues that we ask these questions because we’ve embraced a faulty conception of how evolution – and human society – really works. Good Enough offers a vigorous critique of the quasi-monopoly that Darwin’s concept of natural selection has on our idea of the natural world. Darwinism excels in accounting for the evolution of traits, but it does not explain their excess in size and number. Many traits far exceed the optimal configuration to do the job, and yet the maintenance of this extra baggage does not prevent species from thriving for millions of years.
Philosopher Daniel Milo aims to give the messy side of nature its due – to stand up for the wasteful and inefficient organisms that nevertheless survive and multiply. But he does not stop at the border between evolutionary theory and its social consequences. He argues provocatively that the theory of evolution through natural selection has acquired the trappings of an ethical system. Optimization, competitiveness, and innovation have become the watchwords of Western societies, yet their role in human lives – as in the rest of nature – is dangerously overrated. Imperfection is not just good enough: it may at times be essential to survival.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Story Maps by Daniel P. Calvisi

Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay by Daniel P. Calvisi
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 503kb
Overview: Learn the secrets to writing a GREAT screenplay from a major Hollywood movie studio Story Analyst who will show you how to BLOW AWAY THE READER! Master the structure and principles used by 95% of commercial movies by studying detailed breakdowns, or “Story Maps,” of several recent hit movies in all different genres, including The Hangover, The Dark Knight, The Wrestler, Juno, The Social Network, Black Swan, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Drag Me To Hell. It also offers lessons taken from classic films such as Sunset Boulevard, The Godfather, Gladiator and As Good As It Gets, to name just a few of the hundreds of great movies analyzed in the book.

The book cites examples from hundreds of films, several television series and includes samples from actual scripts to show you HOW TO DO IT. The author provides detailed lessons on format, capturing voice and tone on the script page and developing great characters with powerful dialogue.

Also includes exclusive insights from major industry professionals that interacted with the author at events in Los Angeles and New York City, including Robert Zemeckis, the screenwriters of Final Destination, Limitless and Blade Runner, Louis C.K. and the President of Production of Columbia Pictures.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker

Daniel Negreanu Teaches Poker

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The CAFO Reader by Daniel Imhoff +

The CAFO Reader: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories by Daniel Imhoff
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.6 Mb
Overview: The CAFO Reader is possibly the most powerful indictment of factory farming ever compiled, with essays from 30 of the world’s leading experts. It also offers a vision for a food system that leaves behind the horrific 20th century model of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

The CAFO Reader brings the tragic world of industrial food production into sharp focus with essays on every facet of factory farming: health, environment, animal welfare, labor, politics, economics, and so on. This affordable reader is a companion book to the larger photo-essay volume, CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories. It is sure to become a relied-upon resource for activists, food policy makers, academics, the media and the general public for many years. This project is a follow-up to the highly successful project Fatal Harvest, published in 2002. It is being supported by an extensive outreach campaign with events around the country.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Albrecht Durer by Daniel Ankele

Albrecht Durer: Paintings & Drawings – 555+ Renaissance Reproductions – Annotated Series by Daniel Ankele
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 47 MB
Overview: ALBRECHT DURER: PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS Art Book contains 555+ Reproductions of Religious (includes the entire Revelation of St. John series) and Mythical, Portraits, Animals and Landscape Scenes with annotations and biography. Book includes Table of Contents, Top 50 Museums and is formatted for all Kindle devices, Kindle for iOS and Android tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).

The Virgin Mary and child sit enthroned in the middle of the painting as the faithful gather round in adulation. With her left hand, Mary crowns a head baring the unmistakable features of the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I, with a rose garland (rosary). The only one in the crowd looking right at us stands in the distant background. His long flowing locks give him away, not to mention the Nürnberg city-scape behind him and the Latin sign he furtively holds for us: ‘Produced in five months by the German, Albertus Durer, 1506.’
Albrecht Dürer was far more pious and earnest than boastful, but he had reason to be proud. Completed during his second professional sojourn in the great Renaissance hub of Venice, this painting was proof that he belonged with the great artists of Italy. As Dürer excitedly wrote home to his dear friend, the humanist scholar Willibald Pirckheimer, Das Rosenkrantz (The Feast of the Rose Garlands) was silencing “those who had said I was good at engraving, but did not know how to paint in colors. Now all say they have never seen finer colors.” A century later, the painting-an altarpiece commissioned by Venice’s German merchants for the church of San Bartolomeo di Rialto-was taken to Prague by Emperor Rudolf II to adorn his new imperial capital. Much sooner than that, Dürer had to make a northerly journey of his own.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Britain’s Lost Revolution? by Daniel Szechi

Britain’s lost revolution?: Jacobite Scotland and French grand strategy, 1701-8 by Daniel Szechi
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 4.1 MB
Overview: The orthodox view of eighteenth-century Britain is of a stable polity dominated by politeness and commercialism. It projects a world that was safe and comfortable for the landed elite and full of opportunity for the middling sorts marching towards their Victorian destiny.

But what kind of stable polity undergoes two revolutions within one hundred years and lapses into internal war on seven occasions during 1688-1803? Our cosy vision of the eighteenth century is surely deep-seated, but it cannot cope with revolutionary movements like Jacobitism, the American Patriots and the United Irishmen. By recovering a ‘lost’ rebellion that had a serious chance of triggering a revolution as sweeping as that of 1688, this book directly challenges the paradigm.
We have long assumed that the Jacobite movement was reactionary and hostile to reform of any kind. Yet in the early eighteenth century, the Scottish Jacobite movement was transformed into a vehicle for revolutionary change. In the course of the political battles against Anglo-Scottish union, the Scots Jacobites broke with their past and developed a new, radical ideology. At its core was a vision of a future Scotland in which a Stuart restoration went hand-in-hand with a new constitution that would have reduced the Stuart dynasty to mere figureheads presiding over a noble demi-republic. It would also have been a Scotland directly economically attached to France and its empire, and thus able to demand a far more equal relationship with England. Using newly discovered sources from French and Scottish archives this exciting new book challenges our fundamental assumptions regarding the emergence of the fully British state in the early eighteenth century.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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Scholars of Mayhem by Daniel C. Guiet, Timothy K. Smith

Scholars of Mayhem: My Father’s Secret War in Nazi-Occupied France by Daniel C. Guiet, Timothy K. Smith
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 21.1 MB
Overview: The astonishing untold story of the author’s father, the lone American on a four-person team od Allied secret agents dropped into Nazi-occupied France, whose epic feats of irregular warfare proved vital in keeping German tanks away from Normandy after D-Day.

When Daniel Guiet was a child and his family moved country, as they frequently did, his father had one possession, a tin bread box, that always made the trip. Daniel was admonished never to touch the box, but one day he couldn’t resist. What he found astonished him: a .45 automatic and five full clips; three slim knives; a length of wire with a wooden handle at each end; thin pieces of paper with random numbers on them; several passports with his father’s photograph, each bearing a different name; and silk squares imprinted with different countries’ flags, bearing messages in unfamiliar alphabets. The messages, he discovered much later, were variations on a theme: I am an American. Take me to the nearest Allied military office. You will be paid.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Dark Psychology by Daniel Pratt

Dark Psychology: 10 Books in 1- 5 Books of Manipulation+ 5 Books of Empath by Daniel Pratt
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 485 MB
Overview: Manipulation is a powerful strategy that allows you to bypass negotiations and objections and get anything you want with minimal timing and minimal effort. As long as you understand how manipulation works and what skills are required, getting your way with virtually everything is effortless.
Honest manipulation is a practice that is used all over the world, every day, by virtually everyone. In many cases, people aren’t even aware that they are using it. By harnessing the power of this skill and using it intentionally, you can easily advance yourself to anywhere you want to get to in life.
This guide book teaches you simple and effective strategies that do not require any elaborate training or practice, or any significant requirement to remember specific tips and techniques to master the art. Instead, everything is straight-forward, easy to remember, and easy to understand.
Filled with real life examples, practical and clear explanations, and a complete, easy to follow three-step process, this book is perfect for anyone who wants to harness the power of manipulation. If you are ready to learn about how this practice can get you anywhere you want to go in life effortlessly, so what are you waiting for? Grab this audiobook bundle today and learn all the best techniques of manipulation.
Being an empath means that you are an individual who can feel life in an incredibly unique way. Unlike those who are not awakened to or in tuned with empathic abilities, you have the power to absorb and use energy from the environment and your surroundings to help you understand more about life itself, and about yourself.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Daniel Arenson – Collection

Daniel Arenson – Collection

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Commentary on Daniel by John Calvin

Commentary on Daniel by John Calvin (#1-2) (Christian Classics Ethereal Library)
Requirements: .PDF reader, 5.98 MB
Overview: Regarded as one of the Reformation’s best interpreters of scripture, Calvin is an apt commentator. In particular, he frequently offers his own translations of a passage, explaining the subtleties and nuances of his translation. He has a penchant for incorporating keen pastoral insight into the text as well. He always interacts with other theologians, commentators, and portions of the Bible when interpreting a particular passage. This volume also contains extensive, informative notes from the editor. Calvin’s Commentary on Daniel should not be ignored.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Daniel Palmer – Collection

Daniel Palmer – Collection

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Who Was Daniel Boone? by Sydelle Kramer

Who Was Daniel Boone? by Sydelle Kramer
Requirements: ePUB Reader 5.4 MB
Overview: Called the "Great Pathfinder", Daniel Boone is most famous for opening up the West to settlers through Kentucky. A symbol of America’s pioneering spirit Boone was a skilled outdoorsman and an avid reader although he never attended school. Sydelle Kramer skillfully recounts Boone’s many adventures such as the day he rescued his own daughter from kidnappers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies/Memoirs

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Who Was Daniel Boone? (Who Was/Is…?) by Sydelle Kramer

Who Was Daniel Boone? (Who Was/Is…?) by Sydelle Kramer
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 5MB
Overview: Called the "Great Pathfinder", Daniel Boone is most famous for opening up the West to settlers through Kentucky. A symbol of America’s pioneering spirit Boone was a skilled outdoorsman and an avid reader although he never attended school. Sydelle Kramer skillfully recounts Boone’s many adventures such as the day he rescued his own daughter from kidnappers.
Genre: Nonfiction > Biography | Children

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Daniel Abraham – Collection

Daniel Abraham – Collection

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