Dead Ringer (Cold Case Psychic #6) by Pandora Pine (.M4B)

Dead Ringer (Cold Case Psychic #6) by Pandora Pine
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 205 MB
Overview: Cold case detective and newlywed, Ronan O’Mara, is sitting on top of the world. When he returns to work after his honeymoon, he finds more waiting for him than a stack of dusty cold-case files. Hidden in the mail on Ronan’s desk is a letter from Tank Hutchins, aka The Riverside Ripper. Convicted of murdering a woman three years ago, Tank claims he is innocent and asks Ronan and Tennyson for their help in proving who really committed the crime: his twin brother, Tim.

Psychic Tennyson Grimm is reluctant to meet with the convicted murderer who’s placed his faith in Ten’s gift. When Tennyson realizes Tank is innocent of the crime for which he’s serving 25 to life, he knows that he and Ronan have to do whatever it takes to set things right.

Together with Tank’s private investigator, the mysterious Jude Byrne, Ronan and Tennyson retrace the steps of the original investigation hoping to find the one piece of evidence that will get Tank’s conviction overturned and bring the real killer to light.

When new evidence leads them to believe there’s a larger conspiracy at play, will Tennyson and Ronan be able to find the killer before he returns to complete his diabolical plan?
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Romance, MM, Paranormal

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Dead Memories (D.I. Kim Stone #10) by Angela Marsons

Dead Memories (D.I. Kim Stone #10) by Angela Marsons
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 265 MB
Overview: She ruined their lives. Now they’re going to destroy hers.

"Someone is re-creating every traumatic point in your life. They are doing this to make you suffer, to make you hurt and the only possible end game can be death. Your death."

On the fourth floor of Chaucer House, two teenagers are found chained to a radiator. The boy is dead but the girl is alive. For Detective Kim Stone every detail of the scene mirrors her own terrifying experience with her brother Mikey, when they lived in the same tower block 30 years ago.

When the bodies of a middle-aged couple are discovered in a burnt-out car, Kim can’t ignore the chilling similarity to the deaths of Erica and Keith – the only loving parents Kim had ever known.

Faced with a killer who is re-creating traumatic events from her past, Kim must face the brutal truth that someone wants to hurt her in the worst way possible. Desperate to stay on the case, she is forced to work with profiler Alison Lowe, who has been called in to observe and monitor Kim’s behaviour.

Kim has spent years catching dangerous criminals and protecting the innocent. But with a killer firmly fixed on destroying Kim, can she solve this complex case and save her own life, or will she become the final victim?

The heart-stopping and totally addictive new crime thriller from multimillion-copy number one bestseller Angela Marsons will have you completely hooked.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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Grateful Dead – The Definitive Collection by Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead – The Definitive Collection Songbook by Grateful Dead
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 76 MB
Overview: (Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). Dead heads will love this newly-engraved collection of 54 songs from the iconic jam band. Songs include: Althea * Bertha * Box of Rain * Brokedown Palace * Brown-Eyed Women * Casey Jones * Cumberland Blues * Dark Star * Easy Wind * Fire on the Mountain * Friend of the Devil * Hell in a Bucket * Looks like Rain * The Music Never Stopped * One More Saturday Night * Playing in the Band * Ramble on Rose * Ripple * Scarlet Begonias * Shakedown Street * Sugar Magnolia * Touch of Grey * Truckin’ * Uncle John’s Band * and many more.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Ghost and the Dead Deb by Alice Kimberly

The Ghost and the Dead Deb (Haunted Bookshop Mystery #2) by Alice Kimberly, Cleo Coyle
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 175 MB
Overview: When a visiting author is murdered, bookshop owner Penelope Thornton-McClure and her ghostly companion must spook out the devious killer in this Haunted Bookshop mystery from Cleo Coyle, writing as Alice Kimberly.

The only rule bookshop owner and widow Penelope Thornton-McClure has given ghostly, hard-boiled PI Jack Shepard is to not haunt the customers. But when the hot, young author Angel Stark arrives at the store to promote her latest, a true-crime novel, Jack can hardly contain himself. After all, this is his specialty!

Angel’s book is an unsolved mystery about a debutante found strangled to death, and it’s filled with juicy details that point a finger at a number of people in the deb’s high-society circle. But when the author winds up dead, too – in precisely the same way – Pen is fast on the case…which means Jack is, too. After all, a ghost detective never rests in peace.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Cozy Mysteries

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Song of the Dead by Douglas Lindsay

Song of the Dead by Douglas Lindsay (DI Westphall Series, Book 1)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 255 MB
Overview: A dead man walks into a police station. He tells a tale – bizarre as it is grotesque – of kidnap and organ harvesting. John Baden’s story of being held prisoner for 12 years sounds far-fetched – but it’s all about to get much, much stranger.

DI Ben Westphall has been given the case because of his background in MI6. He also has a knack for getting inside people’s heads and seeing things others would miss. Westphall is no ordinary detective, and this is no ordinary case.

When his suspects start dying, Westphall realises someone is killing to cover up the truth. But what exactly is the truth? To find out, he’ll have to question everything he’s been told, before there’s no one left to ask.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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Dead Moon (Threshold #3) by Peter Clines

Dead Moon (Threshold #3) by Peter Clines
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 320 MB
Overview: Audiobooks number-one best seller Peter Clines returns to the universe of 14 and The Fold with a thrilling tale of the creature above – and the deadly threat below.

In the year 2243, the Moon belongs to the dead.
The largest graveyard in the solar system, it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems that had plagued mankind for centuries. And the perfect place for Cali Washington to run away from her past.
But when a mysterious meteor crashes into one of the Moon’s cemeteries, Cali and her fellow Caretakers find themselves surrounded by a terrifying enemy force that outnumbers them more than a thousand to one. An enemy not hindered by the lack of air or warmth or sustenance.
An enemy that is already dead.
Now Cali and her compatriots must fight to survive. Because if they don’t, everyone on the Moon may be joining the dead.
And maybe everyone on Earth, too….
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Science Fiction

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Dead Catch (DCI Andy Gilchrist Book 8) by T.F. Muir

Dead Catch (DCI Andy Gilchrist Book 8 ) by T.F. Muir
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 260 MB
Overview: When Joe Christie’s fishing boat is swept onto Tentsmuir beach during a fierce storm, a man’s mutilated body is found in the hold. DCI Andy Gilchrist of St Andrews CID is called in to investigate. But his murder investigation deepens when he learns that Joe Christie and his boat have been missing for three years.

The police pathologist, Dr Rebecca Cooper, retrieves a five pound note from the dead man’s throat. Is this the killer’s calling card? And whatever happened to Joe Christie? Cooper offers Gilchrist a clue to the dead man’s identity – a scar from a recent operation to repair a bone shattered by a bullet.

The dead man is found to have been on the payroll of big Jock Shepherd, Scotland’s premier crime patriarch, and when three more of Shepherd’s men turn up brutally murdered, Gilchrist fears a tectonic shift in the criminal underworld.

Gilchrist and his partner, DS Jessie Janes, set off along a murderous trail where they uncover a plot involving drug shipments and police corruption and come face to face with a man for whom human life means nothing.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Modern Detective

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Dead Run by Dan Schultz

Dead Run: The Murder of a Lawman and the Greatest Manhunt of the Modern American West by Dan Schultz
Requirements: EPUB Reader 3.43 MB
Overview: Evoking Krakauer’s Into the Wild, Dan Schultz tells the extraordinary true story of desperado survivalists, a brutal murder,and vigilante justice set against the harsh backdrop of the Colorado wilderness
On a sunny May morning in 1998 in Cortez, Colorado, three desperados in a stolen truck opened fire on the town cop, shooting him twenty times; then they blasted their way past dozens of police cars and disappeared into 10,000 square miles of the harshest wilderness terrain on the North American continent. Self-trained survivalists, the outlaws eluded the most sophisticated law enforcement technology on the planet and a pursuit force that represented more than seventy-five local, state, and federal police agencies with dozens of swat teams, U.S. Army Special Forces, and more than five hundred officers from across the country.
Dead Run is the first in-depth account of this sensational case, replete with overbearing local sheriffs, Native American trackers, posses on horseback, suspicion of vigilante justice and police cover-ups, and the blunders of the nation’s most exalted crime-fighters pursuing outlaws into territory in which only they could survive.
Genre: Non-Fiction – History

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