Warrior Within (Surviving the Dead #3) through James N. Cook

Warrior Within (Surviving the Dead #3) through James N. Cook
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 265 MB
Overview: There are many that don’t want for peace.

As the Free Legion broadcasts struggle at the survivors of Hollow Rock, Gabriel and Eric to find themselves drawn ever deeper into the rising struggle. Aided through a fledgling military, and a small contingent of federal operatives, the 2 warriors will have to have the option to defeat an unyielding enemy who threatens to smash all they’ve grown to like.

To win, Gabriel will have to turn into the chief he was once born to be, whilst Eric, haunted through his movements for the reason that Outbreak, will have to descend deeper into the center of darkness.

In this struggle, not anything is what it kind of feels. The tides of energy are transferring, and shortly, a risk even more than the residing useless will upward thrust
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Horror, Zombie Apocalypse

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Waking the Dead (Cafferty and Quinn #2) by Heather Graham

Waking the Dead (Cafferty and Quinn #2) by Heather Graham
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 295 MB
Overview: They say a painting can have a life of its own…

In the case of Ghosts in the Mind by Henry Sebastian Hubert, that’s more than just an expression. This painting is reputed to come to life – and to bring death. The artist was a friend of Lord Byron and Mary Shelley, joining them in Switzerland during 1816, "the year without a summer". That was when they all explored themes of horror and depravity in their art….

Now, almost 200 years later, the painting appears in New Orleans. Wherever it goes, death seems to follow. Danielle Cafferty and Michael Quinn, occasional partners in solving crime, are quickly drawn into the case. They begin to make connections between that summer in Switzerland and this spring in Louisiana. Danni, the owner of an eccentric antiques shop, and Quinn, a private detective, have discovered that they have separate but complementary talents when it comes to investigating unusual situations.

Trying to blend their personal relationship with the professional lives they’ve stumbled into, they learn how much they need each other. Especially as they confront this work of art – and evil. The people in the portrait might be dead, but something seems to wake them and free them to commit bloody crimes. Cafferty and Quinn must discover what that is. And they have to destroy it – before it destroys them.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Fantasy > Paranormal, Mystery

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Dead Presidents: Strange Deaths by Brady Carlson

Dead Presidents: An American Adventure into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation’s Leaders by Brady Carlson
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.2 MB
Overview: An entertaining exploration into the death stories of our nation’s greatest leaders-and the wild ways we choose to remember and memorialize them.

In Dead Presidents, public radio host Brady Carlson takes readers to presidential gravesites, monuments, and memorials to tell the death stories of our greatest leaders. Mixing biography and travelogue, Carlson explores whether William Henry Harrison really died of a cold, why Zachary Taylor’s remains were exhumed 140 years after his death, and how what killed James A. Garfield wasn’t an assassin’s bullet. He tells the surprising stories of the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, and Grant’s Tomb. And he explains why “Hooverball” is still played in Iowa, why Millard Fillmore’s final resting place is beside that of funk legend Rick James, and why Ohio and Alaska continue to battle over the name of Mt. McKinley. With an eye for neglected places and offbeat people reminiscent of Tony Horwitz and Sarah Vowell, Carlson shows that the ways we memorialize our presidents reveal as much about us as about the men themselves.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Magic Is Dead by Ian Frisch

Magic Is Dead: My Journey into the World’s Most Secretive Society of Magicians by Ian Frisch
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.7 mb
Overview: Ian brings us with him as he not only gets to know this fascinating world, but also becomes an integral part of it. We meet the52’s founding members-Laura London, Daniel Madison, and Chris Ramsay-and explore their personal demons, professional aspirations, and what drew them to their craft. We join them at private gatherings of the most extraordinary magicians working today, follow them to magic conventions in Las Vegas and England, and discover some of the best tricks of the trade. We also encounter David Blaine; hang out with Penn Jillette; meet Dynamo, the U.K.’s most famous magician; and go behind the scenes of a Netflix magic show. Magic Is Dead is also a chronicle of magic’s rich history and how it has changed in the internet age, as the young guns embrace social media and move away from the old-school take on the craft.

As he tells the story of the52, and his role as its most unlikely member, Ian reveals his own connection with trickery and deceit and how he first learned the elements that make magic work from his poker-playing mother. He recalls their adventures in card rooms and casinos after his father’s sudden death, and shares a touching moment that he had, as a working journalist, with his childhood idol Shaquille O’Neal.

"Magic-the romanticism of the inexplicable, the awe and admiration of the unexpected-is an underlying force in how we view the world and its myriad possibilities," Ian writes. As his journey continues, Ian not only becomes a performer and creator of magic-even fooling the late Anthony Bourdain during a chance encounter-he also cements a new brotherhood, and begins to understand his relationship with his father, fifteen years after his death. Written with psychological acuity and a keen eye for detail, Magic Is Dead is an engrossing tale full of wonder and surprise.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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Never Argue with a Dead Person by Thomas John

Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side by Thomas John
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 165 MB
Overview: Manhattan Medium Thomas John has been hailed as "the Hollywood psychic with the highest batting average" by The Hollywood Reporter and a psychic medium with "an impressive connection that impresses even the most skeptical minds" by The Examiner. Now he shares what he’s seen and heard on the Other Side.

What happens when we die? Renowned psychic medium Thomas John is one individual who is able to answer that question with a fair degree of certainty because of his special ability to communicate with the Other Side. Through his communications with the dead, he has learned a number of life lessons that he shares in this audiobook.

John shares with us 15 fascinating stories of what happens when clients ask him to contact their dead friends and relatives. In each story, we learn about life on the other side and the lessons the deceased have for the living. Each chapter is a felicitous combination of good story telling and healing wisdom. Among the lessons are:
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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