The Border (Power of the Dog #3) by Don Winslow

The Border (Power of the Dog #3) by Don Winslow
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 795 MB
Overview: The explosive, highly anticipated conclusion to the epic Cartel trilogy from the New York Times best-selling author of The Force

For over 40 years, Art Keller has been on the front lines of America’s longest conflict: the War on Drugs. His obsession to defeat the world’s most powerful, wealthy, and lethal kingpin – the godfather of the Sinaloa Cartel, Adan Barrera – has left him bloody and scarred, cost him people he loves, even taken a piece of his soul.

Now Keller is elevated to the highest ranks of the DEA, only to find that in destroying one monster, he has created 30 more that are wreaking even more chaos and suffering in his beloved Mexico. But not just there.

Barrera’s final legacy is the heroin epidemic scourging America. Throwing himself into the gap to stem the deadly flow, Keller finds himself surrounded by enemies – men that want to kill him, politicians that want to destroy him, and worse, the unimaginable – an incoming administration that’s in bed with the very drug traffickers that Keller is trying to bring down.

Art Keller is at war with not only the cartels, but with his own government. And the long fight has taught him more than he ever imagined. Now, he learns the final lesson – there are no borders.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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The Dog Whisperer by Paul Owens, Norma Eckroate

The Dog Whisperer: A Compassionate, Nonviolent Approach to Dog Training by Paul Owens, Norma Eckroate
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 131 MB
Overview: Paul Owens, founder of ‘Raise With Praise, Inc.’ and a certified evaluator for the Delta Society’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program, has written a strong introduction to dog training base upon rewarding "successive approximations" of correct behavior.

Gone are the leash "pop" and harsher corrections of earlier obedience methods. Nonviolent dog training shapes appropriate behavior with rewards such as food and games. Incorrect behavior is punished by ignoring the dog and by verbal cues.

There are chapters on clicker training, target stick training, and training gear, such as collars and leashes; the nine ingredients of canine optimum health (diet, play, socialization, quiet time, exercise, employment, rest, training, and healthcare); and human-canine communication.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Hot Dog: A Global History by Bruce Kraig

Hot Dog: A Global History (Edible) by Bruce Kraig
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Overview: Char-grilled or boiled? Sauerkraut or chili? Mustard or ketchup? Vienna Beef or Sabrett? Only these questions could be raised about one of the world’s favorite backyard, picnic, ballgame, and street foods-the hotdog. Though nearly two billion hot dogs are consumed by Americans annually in the month of July alone, there is absolutely no consensus on which is the right way to serve up a hotdog. In Hot Dog, well known food historian Bruce Kraig recounts the history of this popular “tube steak” from the origin of the sausage 20,000 years ago to its central place in American culture today.

Kraig discusses the many brands, including Hebrew National, Pearl, Sabrett, and Vienna Beef, and the regional variations that go along with them-like kosher-style New York dogs loaded with mustard and sauerkraut, New England dogs with Boston Baked Beans, and fully-loaded Chicago style hotdogs, complete with mustard, onion, relish, sport peppers, a dill pickle spear, a dash of celery salt, and tomato slices (but never, ever ketchup). Hot Dog covers the other international sausages, like bologna and bockwurst, as well, and explores some of the apocryphal tales of the hotdog in history-like the origin of its name and whether Queen Elizabeth II was truly served hotdogs on a visit to the White House.

Packed with tasty facts and recipes, Hot Dog reveals the rich history and passionate opinions about this seemingly ordinary food.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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Introducing a School Dog by Cherryl Drabble

Introducing a School Dog: Our Adventures with Doodles the Schnoodle by Cherryl Drabble
Requirements: .PDF reader, 899 KB
Overview: Animal Assisted Therapy is becoming increasingly popular in education settings, but there is very little information on how to implement it. This practical guide provides everything you need to know to introduce a therapy dog, and the various benefits that a dog can have for pupils, from young children to teenagers.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Easy Hot Dog Cookbook (2nd Edition) by BookSumo Press

Easy Hot Dog Cookbook: A Hot Dog Cookbook Filled with Delicious Hot Dog Recipes (2nd Edition) by BookSumo Press
Requirements: .PDF reader, 3 MB
Overview: A Simple Guide to Hot Dogs.
Get your copy of the best and most unique Hot Dog recipes from BookSumo Press!
Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.
In this book we focus on Hot Dogs. The Easy Hot Dog Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Hot Dog recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.
So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?
Genre: Non-Fiction > Food & Drink

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