Macroeconomics 13th Edition

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Business Law 17th Edition

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Business Communication, 16th Edition

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Time International Edition – June 17, 2019

Time International Edition – June 17, 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 47 MB
Overview: TIME’s signature voice and trusted content make it one of the most recognized news brands in the world. Offering incisive reporting, lively writing and world-renowned photography, TIME has been credited with bringing journalism at its best into the fabric of American life. Every issue delivers a deeper understanding of the world we live in.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers

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Understanding Art, 11th Edition by Lois Fichner-Rathus

Understanding Art, 11th Edition by Lois Fichner-Rathus
Requirements: .PDF reader, 188,4 MB
Overview: UNDERSTANDING ART provides a balanced, fresh approach to art appreciation, incorporating coverage across the chronological and geographical spectrum. This 11th edition features new and expanded sections on religious and world art, green buildings, graphic design, and conceptual art, as well as a new Art Tour for Los Angeles and over 100 new images in the areas of fashion, crafts, industrial design and architecture. In addition, a comprehensive set of online tools in MindTap makes it easier than ever for students to study and learn the material, regardless of their particular learning styles.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition By Richard Templar (ePUB)

The Rules of Work, Expanded Edition: A Definitive Code for Personal Success (Richard Templar’s Rules) By Richard Templar
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 243 KB | Retail
Overview: Some people are simply great at their job; they always seem to say or do the right thing. They are mentioned in every conversation. Everybody likes them. They get promoted. They get pay raises. They get along with the boss. And somehow, they do all these things without being unpleasant, breaking much of a sweat or seeming to put in excess effort. And when they are offered another step up the corporate ladder or a fabulous new job, no one is surprised. After all, they have ‘potential’ written all over them. How do they do it? Do they know some secret we don’t? Yes, they know The Rules of Work.
These rules aren’t about how to do your job, they are about how you are seen doing it. They are about how you appear to others. And they are about helping you to achieve the success you richly deserve. The first edition of The Rules of Work: A Definitive Code for Personal Successbecame a global phenomenon, topping bestseller charts around the world. This new edition includes 10 brand new rules to take you further, faster. These rules are the guiding principles that will improve both what you do and how you do it, giving you the unmistakable air of confidence that will win you admiration, respect, and the next promotion. With The Rules under your belt you’ll have the edge in everything you do, without having to compromise your principles.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General > Business > Management > Self Help > Personal Development > Psychology > Productivity

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The Audio Expert, 2nd Edition by Ethan Winer

The Audio Expert, 2nd Edition by Ethan Winer
Requirements: .PDF reader, 22,4 MB
Overview: The Audio Expert is a comprehensive reference book covering all aspects of audio, with both practical and theoretical explanations. It is written for people who want to understand audio at the deepest, most technical level, but without needing an engineering degree. The Audio Expert explains how audio really works in much more depth than usual, using common sense plain-English explanations and mechanical analogies, with minimal math. It uses an easy to read conversational tone, and includes more than 400 figures and photos to augment the printed text. However, this book goes beyond merely explaining how audio works. It brings together the concepts of audio, aural perception, musical instrument physics, acoustics, and basic electronics, showing how they’re intimately related. It also describes in great detail many practices and techniques used by recording and mixing engineers, including video production and computers. This book is meant for intermediate to advanced recording engineers and audiophiles who want to become experts. There’s plenty for beginners too.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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A Companion to Kant 1st Edition by Graham Bird

A Companion to Kant 1st Edition by Graham Bird
Requirements: .PDF reader, 2.8 Mb
Overview: This Companion provides an authoritative survey of the whole range of Kant’s work, giving readers an idea of its immense scope, its extraordinary achievement, and its continuing ability to generate philosophical interest.
Written by an international cast of scholars
Covers all the major works of the critical philosophy, as well as the pre-critical works
Subjects covered range from mathematics and philosophy of science, through epistemology and metaphysics, to moral and political philosophy
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Psychology Of Gender: Fifth Edition

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Psychology In Everyday Life, Fourth Edition

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Insect Behavior, 2nd Edition by Robert W. Matthews+

Insect Behavior, 2nd Edition by Robert W. Matthews, Janice R. Matthews
Requirements: .PDF reader, 17.2 mb
Overview: Insect Behavior is the second edition of the text that for thirty years served as the fundamental introduction to a field of study that has been growing enormously. Today, new technologies and understandings are allowing questions to be shaped and answered in ways that once could not have been envisioned. However, massive new information also can overwhelm and obscure the broader perspectives needed to put new discoveries into context. Thus, the times fairly demand that students and non-specialists seek a wider understanding of diverse proximate and ultimate forces that cause animals to behave as they do.

This book provides that opportunity. The authors strike a balance between modern developments and historical insights, between new examples and old, between empirical work and theory, and between pertinent conclusions and the dynamic field and laboratory experiences from which such discoveries arise. Considerably updated and expanded, this edition includes 26 case studies, as well as 45 new color plates and 173 figures (over 40% of them new) with detailed legends that add richness to the well-written, accessible text.

Like the course that originally inspired it, Insect Behavior will find utility at the graduate and senior undergraduate level for college and university students. However, although some background in entomology or animal behavior is helpful, an in-depth knowledge is not a prerequisite. Thus, the book also invites comparative psychologists, science educators, and all others with an interest in the physically small but inestimably important creatures that comprise three-quarters of all animal life on our planet.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Humanity, 10th edition by James Peoples, Garrick Bailey

Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 10th edition by James Peoples, Garrick Bailey
Requirements: .PDF reader, 69,7 MB
Overview: Using engaging stories and clear writing, HUMANITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY, Tenth Edition, introduces cultural anthropology within a solid framework centered on globalization and culture change. Peoples and Bailey focus on the social and cultural consequences of globalization, emphasizing culture change and world problems. The book’s engaging narrative provides new ways of looking at many of the challenges facing the world in this century. As you explore contemporary issues including recent debates on gay marriage, cultural and economic globalization, population growth, hunger, and the survival of indigenous cultures, you will gain a better understanding of the cultural information you need to successfully navigate in today’s global economy. The authors emphasize the diversity of humanity and reveal why an appreciation and tolerance of cultural differences is critical in the modern world.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Experience Sociology, 3rd Edition by David Croteau

Experience Sociology, 3rd Edition by David Croteau, William Hoynes
Requirements: .PDF reader, 143,3 MB
Overview: Experience Sociology has set the new standard for teaching Introductory Sociology. Approaching sociology through the key concepts of culture, structure, and power, the program enables students to see sociology everywhere, and make the familiar new. Presented in an accessible and engaging way that brings theory and sociological concepts together, students move beyond their individual perspective to gain a true sociological perspective. Connect, the proven online experience, adapts to the student’s learning needs, enhancing the understanding of topics and developing their sociological imagination.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Criminology, 12th Edition by Larry J. Siegel

Criminology: Theories, Patterns, and Typologies, 12th Edition by Larry J. Siegel
Requirements: .PDF reader, 180,3 MB
Overview: Bestselling CRIMINOLOGY: THEORIES, PATTERNS, AND TYPOLOGIES, now in its Twelfth Edition, delivers the most comprehensive, in-depth analysis of criminological theory and crime typologies available. This book is also unrivaled in its strong research base and currency, with detailed coverage of cybercrime, green crime, and transnational crime–three of the hottest issues in the field today. Packed with real-world illustrations, the Twelfth Edition includes cutting-edge seminal research, up-to-the-minute policy, newsworthy examples, and hundreds of new references. A proven author and authority in criminology and criminal justice, Dr. Renowned for his unbiased presentation of theories, issues, and controversies, Siegel encourages readers to weigh the evidence and form their own conclusions.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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