The Summer of Ellen by Agnete Friis

Quilted Bags in a Weekend by Ellen Kharade

Quilted Bags in a Weekend by Ellen Kharade
Requirements: .PDF reader, 16.0 MB
Overview: Combine the latest accessory trends with the look of the past with Quilted Bags in a Weekend. Through the revival of hand-made, vintage accessories, readers can create an endearing patchwork purse, handbag, or tote – simply and quickly. Clear, step-by-step instructions guide the weekend hobbyist through each project, with additional tips on using inexpensive materials to create a personal heirloom. Also included are tricks to pick coordinating fabrics, advice on the best materials, and ideas to make any handmade bag sturdy and durable, practical yet beautiful.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General Craft

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Dancing with Ophelia by Jeanne Ellen Petrolle

Dancing with Ophelia: Reconnecting Madness, Creativity, and Love by Jeanne Ellen Petrolle
Requirements: .PDF reader, 1 MB
Overview: Uses real-life episodes of psychosis and recovery to show how poetic paradigms for thinking about psychiatric symptoms can enlarge contemporary understandings of mental illness and improve long-term treatment outcome.
“Twenty-two years ago, I lost my mind.” So begins Jeanne Ellen Petrolle’s fascinating personal narrative about her mental illness and recovery. Drawing on literature, art, and philosophy, Petrolle explores a unique understanding of madness that allowed her to achieve lasting mental health without using long-term psychiatric drugs.
Traditionally, Western literature, art, and philosophy have portrayed madness through six concepts created from myth – Escape into the Wild, Flight from a Scene of Terror, Visit to the Underworld, Dark Night of the Soul, Spiritual Passion, and Fire in the Mind. Rather than conceptualizing madness as “illness,” a mythopoetic concept assumes that madness contains symbolic meaning and offers valuable insight into human concerns like love, desire, sex, adventure, work, fate, spirituality, and God. Madness becomes an experience that unleashes extraordinary creativity by generating the spiritual insight that fuels artistic productivity and personal transformation. By weaving her personal experiences with the life stories and work of surrealist painter Leonora Carrington and modernist novelist Djuna Barnes, Petrolle shows how poetic thinking about severe mental distress can complement strategies for managing mental illness. This approach allowed her, and hopefully others, to produce better long-term treatment outcomes.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Biographies & Memoirs

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A Girl Divided by way of Ellen Lindseth

A Girl Divided by way of Ellen Lindseth
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 381.five mb, 14 hrs and 23 minutes
Overview: Rural China, 1942. Twenty-two-year-old Eugenia Baker exists in a bubble as but untouched by way of WWII. Content to assist her father together with his missionary paintings, Genie sees her long run as a immediately, if slim, road-until an American pilot arrives, caution them of the impending Japanese military. Lieutenant Ted Younan is likely one of the Flying Tigers, volunteer combatants protective China from aerial assaults. After rescuing Ted from his downed airplane, Genie’s father asks the flyboy to get his daughter around the mountains so she will be able to break out to the United States. To depart her cherished home-much much less chaperoned by way of her father’s overbearing assistant, Nathan-is the very last thing Genie needs, however she reluctantly concurs. Ted is not like any guy Genie has identified, and he opens her eyes to the theory of figuring out her personal destiny and chasing her desires. But Genie has her doubts when tragedy thrusts accountability upon her and the struggle creates sudden alternatives, demanding situations.and temptations. Now, an international clear of the girl she used to be, Genie will have to uncover the girl she needs to be.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Historical

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Comfort Meditation by Ellen Chernoff Simon

Comfort Meditation: Imagine Strength During Tough Times by Ellen Chernoff Simon
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 10.5 MB
Overview: This guided imagery audio is designed to offer a state of relaxation, peace and comfort during challenging times. We want you to re-experience the qualities and characteristics that help you make it through the tough times. Be introduced to evocative imagery techniques that can give you ease and comfort.
Sometimes during times of hardship and challenge we temporarily forget that we have resources and we lose touch with our strength, courage and faith. This guided imagery script provides the opportunity to re-experience and get in touch with the very qualities and characteristics needed to help us make it through the tough times.
The mental images we hold affect not only our emotions, but also our physiology.
This guided imagery program can lead you to experience a state of physical and mental relaxation, where you can be introduced to what is called “evocative imagery”, a technique designed to help you get in touch with the quality, characteristic or feeling states that provides the ease and comfort you desire in your current difficult situation. Get in touch with a memory or a feeling such as peace, faith, strength, humor, or courage, etc. You will be asked to recall a time when you experienced this state, and will then be invited to re-experience it in the present. Be guided to let that feeling state expand and amplify within you so that it becomes your new and current state of being. You may soon recall how easily and effortlessly you have overcome situations in the past and then re-claimed your personal power to do so again.
Imadulation® Guided Imagery audio production.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction Health & Well Being / Self Help / Meditations

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Taking On the Big Boys by Ellen Bravo

Taking On the Big Boys: Or Why Feminism Is Good for Families, Business, and the Nation by Ellen Bravo
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: A manifesto for the workplace feminist that moved Oscar-winner Jane Fonda to exclaim "Please, please, please. All working women must read this book!"

Enough about "breaking the glass ceiling." Here are blueprints for a redesign of the entire building, ground up, to benefit women and men-as well as the bottom line.

In Taking on the Big Boys, longtime labor activist Ellen Bravo explores workplace environments in both business and government. She recounts women’s testimonies from offices, assembly lines, hospitals, and schools, unmasking the patronizing, trivializing, and minimizing tactics employed by "the big boys" and their surrogates, such as portraying feminism as women against men, and dismissing demands for pay equity, family leave, and flex time as outrageous.

Also included are practical tips on everything from dealing with a sexual harasser to getting family members to share chores-and build equal relationships.

In this "smart, kind, funny, and very effective" Gold Medal Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award for Women’s Issues, Bravo argues for feminism as a system of beliefs, laws, and practices that value women and work associated with women, while detailing activist strategies to achieve a society where everybody-women and men-reach their potential (Gloria Steinem, feminist icon
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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The Job by Ellen Ruppel Shell (.M4B)

The Job: Work and Its Future in a Time of Radical Change by Ellen Ruppel Shell
Necessities: .M4A/.M4B reader, 364 MB
Overview: In a wide-ranging narrative that takes us from a downsized advertising and marketing government in Massachusetts, to a father of three in Appalachia discovering objective and which means working in a convenience-store chain, to an unemployed autoworker retraining in "superior manufacturing", Shell reveals how work is crucial to our flourishing and pyschological well-being – and the way so most of the avenues to well-paid and significant work can be challenged within the years forward.
The way forward for work just isn’t being confronted brazenly. We dwell in a world the place the rewards of employment are concentrated within the arms of the few. In the present day, the highest 10 % of wage earners within the US convey house 9 instances the earnings of the opposite 90 %, and the highest 0.01 % earn 184 instances as a lot. The financial hole between the few and the numerous is so huge, Shell says, that we would as properly be members of a distinct species.
Furthermore, for the reason that 1970s, actual wages for many of us have stagnated, and with it our buying energy. Half of all Individuals earn lower than 30,000 {dollars} a yr. And the paths to touchdown these good-paying jobs that safe our monetary future are disappearing within the wake of automation and the rise of AI.
Style: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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One Pot Recipes by Ellen Brown

One Pot Recipes: Meals for Your Gradual Cooker, Strain Cooker, Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan, Skillet, and Extra by Ellen Brown
Necessities: .ePUB reader, 9 MB
Overview: With greater than 100 straightforward recipes to make in a variety of pots, Ellen Brown offers busy cooks a wide range of choices for getting scrumptious, full meals on the desk with none fuss.

The success of the Instantaneous Pot makes clear that residence cooks need straightforward "one-pot" options to meal planning. This cookbook offers them simply that, with recipes for full, balanced meals that embody a protein, greens, and often a starch or legume. Which means you do not have to make extra that one recipe for dinner-and all the pieces is prepared on the similar time, as a result of your entire meal is made in only one pot! Dishes are divided in response to the pot they’re cooked in, whether or not it is an Instantaneous Pot, Dutch oven, gradual cooker, or perhaps a sheet pan or skillet.
Style: Non-Fiction > Meals & Drink

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Ellen Datlow – Collection

Ellen Datlow – Collection

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Counterclockwise: Mindful Health by Ellen J. Langer (.M4B)

Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Transformative Power of Possibility by Ellen J. Langer
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 195 MB
Overview: If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back physically?
For more than 30 years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now has a conclusive answer: opening our minds to what’s possible, instead of clinging to accepted notions about what’s not, can lead to better health at any age.
Drawing on her own body of colorful experiments – including the first detailed discussion of her landmark 1979 "counterclockwise" study in which elderly men lived for a week as though it was 1959 and seemed to grow younger – and important works by other researchers, Langer proves that the magic lies in being aware of the ways we mindlessly react to cultural cues.
Counterclockwise shows how we can actively challenge these ingrained behaviors by making subtle changes in our everyday lives. Langer describes ways to reorient our attitudes and language in order to achieve better health: she shows us the ways in which our belief in physical limits constrains us; and she demonstrates how our desire for certainty in medical diagnosis and treatment often prevents us from fully exploiting the power of uncertainty.
Scientifically riveting and practically empowering, Counterclockwise holds enormously exciting implications for our general health – including vision, old age, cancer, weight, and heart health – as well as for our fundamental happiness.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Ellen Kushner – Collection

Ellen Kushner – Collection

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Conversation Inspirations by Nancy Ellen Zelman

Conversation Inspirations: Over 2000 Conversation Topics, Second, Revised Edition by Nancy Ellen Zelman
Requirements: .PDF reader, 13.9 MB
Overview: The primary focus of this book is to promote conversational fluency.I have found this book to be invaluable. It has helped me come up with topics other than "What did you do yesterday?" and "What will you do tomorrow?" For those of us who are not naturally Larry King or Barbara Walter, this book really saves the day. It includes role plays and current event topics to get people talking.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Conversation Inspirations by Nancy Ellen Zelman (.PDF)

Conversation Inspirations: Over 2000 Conversation Topics, Second, Revised Edition by Nancy Ellen Zelman
Requirements: .PDF reader, 13.9 MB
Overview: The primary focus of this book is to promote conversational fluency.I have found this book to be invaluable. It has helped me come up with topics other than "What did you do yesterday?" and "What will you do tomorrow?" For those of us who are not naturally Larry King or Barbara Walter, this book really saves the day. It includes role plays and current event topics to get people talking.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Storm Witch by Ellen Renner