Summoner 3 (Summoner #3) by Eric Vall (.M4B)

Summoner 3 (Summoner #3) by Éric Vall
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 215 MB
Overview: When a portal opens in a distant enclave city, Gryff and his monster response team find that the Shadowscape creatures are becoming smarter and more organized.

Someone, or something, is leading them.

Now Gryff finds that he, and the three women he loves, are all that stands between the hordes of evil monsters and humanity.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Fantasy, Erotica

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The Oligarch’s Daughter by Eric Van Lustbader

The Oligarch’s Daughter (Nicholas Linnear, #7) by Eric Van Lustbader
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 35 MB
Overview: Returning to Tokyo after many years, Nicholas Linnear, the ninja, must make a deal with the devil if he is to maintain control of his newly launched shipping concern. The exiled Russian oligarch Vladimir Orkin is the buyer Linnear needs for his liquid natural gas, but his offer is contingent on the ninja’s performance of an unusual service. Well aware of Linnear’s legendary skills in martial arts, Orkin demands that he take deadly revenge on the oligarch’s longtime enemy and avenge his beautiful daughter. As a final persuasion, he dangles information about Linnear’s past-information the ninja has never been able to uncover on his own. The lure is irresistible, but the danger may prove his undoing..
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction Mysteries & Thrillers, Suspense

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You Have a Point There by Eric Partridge

You Have a Point There: A Guide to Punctuation and its Allies by Eric Partridge
Requirements: .PDF reader, 6.70 Mb
Overview: This standard work on punctuation has long been judged the foremost study of the subject. It reveals punctuation to be both an indispensable craft and an invaluable art – a friend not an enemy.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Signal Computing by Eric C. Larson

Signal Computing: Digital Signals in the Software Domain by Eric C. Larson , Bilin Zhang Stiber ,Michael D. Stiber
Requirements: .PDF reader, 3.2 MB
Overview: In this book, you will learn how digital signals are captured, represented, processed, communicated, and stored in computers. The specific topics we will cover include: physical properties of the source information (such as sound or images), devices for information capture (microphones, cameras), digitization, compression, digital signal representation (JPEG, MPEG), digital signal processing (DSP), and network communication. By the end of this book, you should understand the problems and solutions facing signal computing systems development in the areas of user interfaces, information retrieval, data structures and algorithms, and communications.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices

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Primitive Rebels by Eric Hobsbawm

Primitive Rebels by Eric Hobsbawm
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 460 KB
Overview: Social agitation is as essential a part of public life today as it has ever been. In Eric Hobsbawm’s masterful study, Primitive Rebels, he shines a light on the origins of contemporary rebellion: Robin Hood, secret societies, revolutionary peasants, Mafiosi, Spanish Civil War anarchy, pre-industrial mobs and riots – all of which have fed in to our notions of dissent in the modern world.
Coining now familiar terms such as ‘social banditry’, Primitive Rebels shows how Hobsbawm was decades ahead of his time, and his insightful analysis of the history of social movements is critical to our understanding of movements such as UK Uncut, Black Lives Matter and the growing international resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency.
Reissued with a new introduction by Owen Jones, Primitive Rebels is the perfect guide to the revolutions that shaped western civilisation, and the bandits, reformers and anarchists who have fought to change the world.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Thrill of the Case by Eric Christianson (.M4B)

The Thrill of the Case: Case Studies, Drug Interactions, and Clinical Pearls in Medication Management by Eric Christianson
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 196 MB
Overview: Clinical pharmacology is often one of the most challenging topics for healthcare professionals. This is a compilation of my favorite case scenarios, drug interactions, and clinical pearls from my practice as a clinical pharmacist. This book is a perfect piece of education for pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses who are looking to pick up real-life clinical practice pearls about medication management. It is ideal for the new professional or student trying to gain more confidence when it comes to medication management.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Buck-Naked Faith by Eric Sandras

Buck-Naked Faith: A Brutally Honest Look at Stunted Christianity by Eric Sandras
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.1MB
Overview: Drop the layers of make-believe nonsense that stunts our spiritual growth. What emerges is a positive alternative to life-crushing counterfeit faiths many of us are trying our best to work through.

To do this, men, women, and teens need the vision and encouragement to take the risk and get dangerously real with God. He exposes the naked truth: We need to dress our lives with a real friendship with God and nothing else.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy

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Double Lives by Eric Brach (.M4B)

Double Lives: True Tales of the Criminals Next Door by Eric Brach
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 146 MB
Overview: #1 Amazon New Release! – Terrifying true crime stories
True Crime is hot right now, with true crime books, TV shows, and podcasts topping lists of readers, viewers, and listeners across the country. Eric Brach’s new book Double Lives: True Tales of the Criminals Next Door offers terrifying true stories about the criminals hidden among us and the banality of evil and crime, elevated by its frank discussion of the nation-wide criminal scourge of the moment: opioid addiction.
Double Lives chronicles the very monsters who walk unnoticed among us – even serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy. They are neighbors and students, professionals and friends living out criminal double lives. Double Lives is both a nonfiction exposé and a nationwide search that details the exploits of some of the worst criminals in recent American history, all of whom succeeded in going undetected for years while perpetrating one crime after another. and all in their own hometowns. Gender? Race? Age? Socioeconomic class? It doesn’t matter. All stripes of people from all walks of life are profiled in this true crime roller-coaster.
At the same time, the author provides a personal look at opioid addiction and its current effects right alongside these binge-worthy tales of two-faced criminals caught and incarcerated, making Double Lives a sensational yet sobering listen.
If you’re a fan of true crime and serial killer books such as Pretty Little Killers, Mind Hunter, or The Big Book of Serial Killers you’ll love Double Lives.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Partners in Wonder by Eric Leif Davin

Partners in Wonder: Women and the Birth of Science Fiction, 1926-1965 by Eric Leif Davin
Requirements: .PDF reader, 17.5MB
Overview: Partners in Wonder revolutionizes our knowledge of women and early science fiction. Contrary to accepted interpretations, women fans and writers were a welcome and influential part of pulp science fiction from the birth of the genre. Davin finds that at least 203 female authors, under their own female names, published over a thousand stories in science fiction magazines between 1926 and 1965. This work explores the distinctly different form of science fiction that females produced-one that was both more utopian and more empathetic than that of their male counterparts. Partners in Wonder presents, for the first time, a complete bibliography of every story published by women writers in science fiction magazines from 1926 to 1965 and brief biographies on 133 of these women writers. It is thus the most comprehensive source of information on early women science fiction writers yet available and of great importance to scholars of women’s studies, popular culture, and English literature as well as science fiction.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational

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Walking with Peety by Eric O’Grey

Strolling with Peety: The Canine Who Stored My Lifestyles via Eric O’Gray
Necessities: .MP3 reader, 206 MB
Evaluation: Eric was once 150 kilos obese, depressed, and ill. After a life-time of failed vitamin makes an attempt and the onset of kind 2 diabetes because of his weight, Eric went to a brand new physician, who strangely prescribed a refuge canine. And that’s the reason when Eric met Peety: an obese, middle-aged, and forgotten canine who, like Eric, had noticed higher days. The 2 followed every different and started a fantastic adventure in combination, forming a bond of unconditional love that without end modified their lives.
Over the following yr, simply by occurring walks, enjoying in combination, and consuming plant-based meals, Eric misplaced 150 kilos, and Peety misplaced 25. In consequence, Eric reversed his diabetes, were given off all drugs, and changed into glad and wholesome for the primary time in his lifestyles – in the end reconnecting with and marrying his highschool sweetheart.
Strolling with Peety is for somebody who is able to make a metamorphosis in his or her lifestyles and for everybody who is aware of the enjoyment, love, and hope that canine can convey. That is greater than a story of mutual rescue. That is an epic tale of friendship and power.
Style: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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The Carbon Age by Eric Roston (.M4B)

The Carbon Age: How Life’s Core Element Has Become Civilization’s Greatest Threat by Eric Roston
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 270 MB
Overview: What do bubbles in a soft drink, a bullet-proof vest, a plastic chair, and our DNA have in common? Carbon. It is, and forever has been, the ubiquitous architect of life and civilization, forming the chemical backbone of every living creature. And yet, when we hear the word today, it is more often than not in a crisis situation: Carbon dioxide emissions are destroying the ozone layer and warming the planet; the volatile Middle East explodes atop its stores of hydrocarbons; carbohydrates threaten obesity and diabetics. Carbon, thus, sustains us and threatens us in equal measure.
Eric Roston illuminates this essential element in all its forms, cleverly recreating the intricate carbon cycle on the page by tracing its journey from the Big Bang to Earth and its extraordinary infiltration of this planet and, in time, influence on humankind and civilization. Evoking its ubiquity – more than 99% of all 31 million known substances contain carbon – Roston chronicles the ways we have used it, often to surprising, and sometimes to catastrophic, effect: Having sped up the carbon cycle in the last two centuries, we are now attempting to wrestle Earth’s geochemical cycle back from the brink. Blending the latest science with original reporting, Roston makes us aware, as never before, of the seminal impact carbon has, and has had, on our lives.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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Darwin Slept Here by Eric Simons (.M4B)

Darwin Slept Here: Discovery, Adventure and Swimming Iguanas in Charles Darwin’s South America by Eric Simons
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 185 MB
Overview: For "Darwin Year," a fresh-eyed and enchanting journey through South America in his footsteps One snowy day in Ushuaia, Argentina, the self-proclaimed "southernmost city in the world," writer Eric Simons picked up a copy of Charles Darwin’s The Voyage of the Beagle. Simons had just hiked the mountains overlooking Beagle Channel, and he found himself engrossed in Darwin’s account.
Like Simons, Darwin was in his mid-20s when he traveled to the continent. Simons followed Darwin further into South America-to stand where Darwin had stood and to explore the histories, legends and people that had fascinated him two centuries before. Simons trekked to as many of the locations Darwin wrote about as he could find to see if he could see these places through Darwin’s eyes, and to learn what South Americans know about Darwin. Darwin Slept Here is an innovative and thrilling new look at a familiar subject from a compelling new writer to watch.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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