The Storm-Tossed Family by Russell D. Moore

The Storm-Tossed Household: How the Cross Reshapes the Dwelling by Russell D. Moore
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Overview: Why do our households have a lot energy over us? In The Storm-Tossed Household, bestselling writer Russell Moore (Onward, Christianity At this time’s 2016 "Guide of the 12 months Award Winner") teaches readers whether or not you’re married or single, whether or not you lengthy for a kid or shepherding a full home, you’re a part of a household. Household is tough as a result of family-every family-is an echo of the gospel.

Household might be the supply of a few of the most transcendent human pleasure, and household can depart us crumpled up on the facet of the street. Household could make us who we’re, and household can break our hearts. Why would this social association have that a lot energy, for good or for in poor health, over us?
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Family and Friends in 18th Century England by Naomi Tadmor

Household and Buddies in 18th Century England: Family, Kinship and Patronage by Naomi Tadmor
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Overview: This e book considerations the historical past of the household in eighteenth-century England. Tadmor gives a brand new interpretation of ideas of family, household and kinship by her evaluation of up to date language (in diaries, conduct treatises, novels by Richardson and Haywood, and different sources). She emphasizes the significance of the family in setting up notions of the household, and exhibits how ties of "friendship" fashioned important social, financial and political networks. Her e book makes a considerable contribution to eighteenth-century historical past, and will likely be of worth to all historians and literary students of the interval.
Style: Non-Fiction > Historical past

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Family Britain, 1951-1957 by David Kynaston

Family Britain, 1951-1957 (Tales of a New Jerusalem Book 2) by David Kynaston
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Overview: As in Austerity Britain, an astonishing array of vivid, intimate and unselfconscious voices drive the narrative. The keen-eyed Nella Last shops assiduously at Barrow Market as austerity and rationing gradually give way to relative abundance; housewife Judy Haines, relishing the detail of suburban life, brings up her children in Chingford; the self-absorbed civil servant Henry St John perfects the art of grumbling. These and many other voices give a rich, unsentimental picture of everyday life in the 1950s. We also encounter well-known figures on the way, such as Doris Lessing (joining and later leaving the Communist Party), John Arlott (sticking up on Any Questions? for the rights of homosexuals) and Tiger’s Roy of the Rovers (making his goal-scoring debut for Melchester).
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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The Manzoni Family by Natalia Ginzburg

The Manzoni Family by Natalia Ginzburg
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Overview: Set in ducal Italy and post-revolutionary France, The Manzoni Family tells a rich story of passions, writing, rivalries, deaths, and war. It pivots on the figure of Alessandro Manzoni, celebrated Milanese nobleman, man of letters, and author of the masterpiece of nineteenth-century Italian literature, I promessi sposi (The Betrothed). But the tale begins with the matriarchal figure of Giulia, the mother whom the young poet found in Paris after she had abandoned him as an infant.
There is Enrichetta, the woman he and his mother chose to be his wife, and the many children she had by him until her death; literary friends from the beau monde in Italy and Paris; and Alessandro’s second wife, Teresa, and her children. Against the background of Napoleonic occupation, the reestablishment of Austrian hegemony, and the stirrings of the revolutionary urge for unification and independence, Ginzburg gracefully weaves the story of a dynasty, the Manzoni family, that seems to grow autonomously around the life of the writer and to incorporate all the epic tumult and emotion of the age.
Genre: Fiction > General Fiction/Classics Biography, Historical

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Letters to Friends, Family and Editors by Franz Kafka

Letters to Friends, Family and Editors by Franz Kafka
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Overview: Collected after his death by his friend and literary executor Max Brod, here are more than two decades’ worth of Franz Kafka’s letters to the men and women with whom he maintained his closest personal relationships, from his years as a student in Prague in the early 1900s to his final months in the sanatorium near Vienna where he died in 1924.

Sometimes surprisingly humorous, sometimes wrenchingly sad, they include charming notes to school friends; fascinating accounts to Brod about his work in its various stages of publication; correspondence with his publisher, Kurt Wolff, about manuscripts in progress, suggested book titles, type design, and late royalty statements; revealing exchanges with other young writers of the day, including Martin Buber and Felix Weltsch, on life, literature, and girls; and heartbreaking reports to his parents, sisters, and friends on the declining state of his health in the last months of his life.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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Let’s Make Pom Poms: Family Edition by Katie Scott

Let’s Make Pom Poms: Family Edition by Katie Scott
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Overview: Fun and easy makes for all the family. Get crafty with pom poms with 15 easy to follow step by step guides. Make your own set of fluffy dice, sushi that looks good enough to eat and an everlasting Christmas tree as well as many other exciting projects.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General

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First Kill Your Family by Peter Eichstaedt

First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army by Peter Eichstaedt
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Overview: “Richard Opio has neither the look of a cold-blooded killer nor the heart of one. Yet as his mother and father lay on the ground with their hands tied, Richard used the blunt end of an ax to crush their skulls. He was ordered to do this by a unit commander of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a rebel group that has terrorized northern Uganda for twenty years. The memory racks Richard’s slender body as he wipes away tears.”
For more than twenty years, beginning in the mid-1980s, the Lord’s Resistance Army has ravaged northern Uganda. Tens of thousands have been slaughtered, and thousands more mutilated and traumatized. At least 1.5 million people have been driven from a pastoral existence into the squalor of refugee camps.
The leader of the rebel army is the rarely seen Joseph Kony, a former witchdoctor and self-professed spirit medium who continues to evade justice and wield power from somewhere near the Congo~Sudan border. Kony claims he not only can predict the future but also can control the minds of his fighters. And control them he does: the Lord’s Resistance Army consists of children who are abducted from their homes under cover of night. As initiation, the boys are forced to commit atrocities-murdering their parents, friends, and relatives-and the kidnapped girls are forced into lives of sexual slavery and labor.
In First Kill Your Family, veteran journalist Peter Eichstaedt goes into the war-torn villages and refugee camps, talking to former child soldiers, child “brides,” and other victims. He examines the cultlike convictions of the army; how a pervasive belief in witchcraft, the spirit world, and the supernatural gave rise to this and other deadly movements; and what the global community can do to bring peace and justice to the region. This insightful analysis delves into the war’s foundations and argues that, much like Rwanda’s genocide, international intervention is needed to stop Africa’s virulent cycle of violence.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History

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New Family Values by Andrew Solomon

New Family Values by Andrew Solomon
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Overview: Drawing on dozens of intimate audio interviews with families from all across the country, award-winning psychologist and writer Andrew Solomon redefines what it means to be an "ideal family" in America today. Solomon observes that America, led in large part by the women’s, civil rights, and gay rights movements, has undergone a radical social shift in the last few decades.
While three-quarters of American children lived in families with two (first-time) married, heterosexual parents in the 1960s, today less than half do. The conventional family, Solomon argues, has broken into a multitude of perfect families, including gay families, multiparent families, adoptive families, foster families, families built through assisted reproduction, single parent-headed families, and child-free families. Although the structure of family has changed, economic and legal structures lag behind and need to adapt to accommodate this explosive new reality.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction

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